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12 Moons Tarot

In December 2019, I was struck with a feverish impulse of creativity. The Muse knew I had a brief moment of time before I was back in Yellowknife, travelling all over the arctic. It had to happen now, in my leopard-printed onesie.

Over this three-day period I realized I was creating my own tarot deck. Studying the arcana, symbols and archetypes for many years, I witnessed new images were coming from me organically and in bright colours and layered textures that aren't usually my style. I served this creation with all of my inspired fervour and wow, so excited!! 

Then I received a download to pull a card for each month of 2020 and create a mini magazine based on that arcana, to share my original art and inklings of the mysteries that would unfold. I have already had my Tarotscopes published for a year, but this would be a download specific for my Mystical Babes on the path.

Some of you have been downloading these since January, others are brand new. Since the covid lockdown, I have made this publication FREE every month for my tribe. A code is released on Facebook and Instagram stories, so check in to get your spiritual goodies!

Check out the latest one here.

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