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April 2021 Tarotscopes

With the High Priestess as our theme of the month, I felt called to only pull our tarotscopes from the Major Arcana - the Big Guns, as I call them. If we're called to do radical personal change, let's see what areas of life that will show up. These influence will unfold over the next 3-6 months.

Tarotscopes for All Astrological Signs

To honour the divine feminine within, you must soften your protective mechanisms. The Strength card is a beautiful story of love, hope and healing. An innocent maiden is able to calm the fierce lion through her presence, not dominance. You may experience this need to take a step back from aggression or attack within yourself and also in your personal relationships. If you had to be this lion in order to feel safe, it's time to realize how this has hindered your sense of connection. If there is an unravelling wild force around you, more surrender and acceptance is required. Honour who we've had to be to survive and honour this in others. Now, take a softer approach.

Honour the divine feminine within by releasing your life and plans to a higher sense of destiny. The Wheel of Fortune speaks of divine opportunities, the perfect timing and also, preordained circumstances and rites of passage. These are exciting times in your life, when you realize that you are part of the unfolding story and a new chapter begins. I consider these moments as plot points in a story. We have free will and can fumble around, taking our time to discover and experience and then oh, here is something wonderfully unexpected that needs to happen, part of our mission that we agreed to. Pay attention to invites, coincidence, and strange convergence of time, people or circumstances because something wonderfully magic and positive is about to change everything.

Honour the divine feminine within by seeking balance in all situations. Temperance is the messenger of great healing happening within. We see to cups being blended together to form something new - a birth or new consciousness is available to you now. I see this message as a deep integration of the two parts of yourself, your past and your future, the light and the dark, your pain and your joy, all of this needs to be sifted through to find the right healing elixir for your wounds. The angel also has a foot in the water, a foot on dry land. This means walking both worlds of the spiritual and material and how essential it is to devote your efforts into cultivating a presence in both realms. You in particular will go through a massive shift this month, so create space for the High Priestess to find you and guide you in your quest. Spend some time around bodies of water and just breathe and be still. More will be revealed to you.

Honour the divine feminine through healing your understanding of masculine power. We are dualistic creatures with the forces of yin and yang in a constant dance within ourselves. The Emperor is a message of stepping deeper into our sense of authority and power, but from a place of deep reverence for Spirit (God/Creator) and the divine feminine. I sense your shell has been overly developed as a mask of protection. True power comes when our inner masculine knows his role in protecting our creative spirit, having strong boundaries and discernment, without having to control, dominate or dismiss anyone including ourselves. This is a month of deep integration between the forces of action and stillness. If you have been pushing too hard to rule over your life and exert your will, your inner feminine spark will burn out and fade away. She will not trust you if you exploit her resources. Your mission this month is to make a commitment between your two sides, to enter into a marriage that honours and serves both energies as respected equals. Which spiritual force - yin or yang - needs more attention for you now?

Honour the Divine Feminine by making choices that honour your soul. Few understand The Lovers for the deeper story, for this is more than a messenger of soulmates. This archetype is the rite of passage around our choices between two paths. There is often the road that feels right and looks good on paper. The other option is often a little dangerous and unknown. Whatever you choose, you will often wonder what is on the other side, until you gain the experience to feel what doesn't match you. You feel me? We don't know how to appreciate the good until we've danced with the dark. You will be confronted with your choices and the opportunity to take a new road. The dangerous choice for you may be taking a step into the light and saying no to what you've done before. The High Priestess will guide you this month in getting in touch with yourself, overcoming your reflexes around certain people and aligning with what honours your soul. Whatever path you choose, choose it. Only then will you acquire the necessary wisdom.

Honour the Divine Feminine by letting go of what no longer serves you. Consider the destructive forces of nature and Mother Gaia, of the dark Goddess Kali, of our moon cycles of building up and discarding. The Tower speaks to such a force in your life, where change and instability are here to make way for the new. We cannot have new life without the death of something else. Through floods and fires, the Earth cleanses herself to enrich and start over. This is the wisdom of the divine feminine, the chaos energy we crave when things have become stagnant, when we prune to make space for new growth. Trust in her infinite wisdom. Whatever is crumbling, fading away or falling into the sea now is not meant for you. Let it go and allow for your rejuvenation.

Honour the divine feminine through leading the way out of the dark. We all have our individual ministries, our chapels and faithful. People come to you for advice or guidance or comfort because you have something to offer. It's time to step deeper into your spiritual path and authority now and be the vessel for the divine feminine to operate in all areas of your life. The Hierophant is the partner of the High Priestess, the bridge to the Creator in physical form. They represent the need for mentorship and teachers, embodying the wisdom and secrets of the High Priestess and acting as her vessel. How can you show up with more spiritual presence in your life? How can you ensure that you are the lighthouse someone needs at this time? It's time to come out of hiding, to participate in our world and share your gifts.

Honour the Divine Feminine by unleashing your creativity! The Empress and the High Priestess are a beautiful combination and in sequential order in the tarot deck. From the place of mysteries and divine knowing, our Queen of the Garden, the Mother, the pregnant with possibilities is guided and blessed with a cornucopia of gifts in great abundance! There is a divine creation within you, a golden egg that needs to be fostered and nurtured and will be of great service to the Divine Feminine and her light on this Earth. Give it the attention it requires! This is a massive affirmation for healers, writers, artists, coaches, leaders - anyone who is called to speak about the human condition and has been inspired to add to the library of experience. Any effort you put into this creation will be matched and guided by spirit. It's time to create your divine legacy now.

Honour the divine feminine through trusting your intuition on the correct course of action. The High Priestess is a keeper of truth and spiritual laws. Cause and effect, the Law of Attraction, karma and dharma, the wisdom she contains is infinite. Praying to her will give you guidance over any situation and will help you rise above "what is right" to "what is true." There is a situation in your life where you will have to judge your actions and those of others, to weigh the options from knowing these spiritual laws. Our Ego may want to make things black or white, but the High Priestess lives in the grey area, she goes deeper. How will the cause and effect of your choices impact your soul but also that of others? Are we acting as guardians of our fellow humans and ensuring their spiritual safety - or justifying our actions and only thinking of ourselves? There is much for you to learn this month when you reach for higher realms and try to see this circumstance through a spiritual lens.

Honour the divine feminine by embracing all of the new experiences! You have tremendous opportunities this month to envision yourself and your life. The World is a time of great changes, destiny and exciting new beginnings. This can be taking place in your career, your relationships or your inner world of self-confidence and purpose. I sense this could be a great re-set for you and moment to define who you want to be and where you want to go. Co-create with spirit by speaking out loud and writing down what it is you want to experience. The world is your oyster right now.

Honour the divine feminine by being exactly who you are! This is your card Aquarius, the water-bearer, connected to celestial realms, inspired and acting as a vessel for spiritual truths to be manifest on this planet. The Star is the magic of vulnerability, the celebration of the wild and strange. It's time to be your unique self in all areas of your life. The Star also depicts the 7 sisters in the sky, the mark of the Pleiades star cluster, with one grand spiritual sun to represent the Creator. You are likely a light worker, sent here to entertain, lead and help the people of this world find its spiritual footing. Be the weird wizard, the mystical mage, the initiated one. Bring ceremony and ritual into your life. This card is also a sign that a wish is about to come true. Whatever you've been hoping for is about to unfold.

Honour the divine feminine by accepting the cycle of endings and beginnings. Pisces is a deeply spiritual sign that is called to embody all the characteristics of the zodiac into one mystical soup, so to speak. You are a natural son/daughter of the initiated spiritual teachers and so you know the importance of Death as a transition and rite of passage. There are parts of you that need to transition into a new form and you must allow your life to reconfigure and reform. There is necessary grief that arises for you at this time, but reflect on those periods of your life when you thought you were losing everything and how it was making space for you to change and be more. Trust in this beautiful process of becoming. The High Priestess will help you with any rituals you need in acceptance, surrender and letting go. A new light is on the horizon for you. Time to shine.

All tarotscopes have been cast through my intuition along with Tarot. For more readings, check out my YouTube channel and watch the pick-a-card video for Predictions for 2021.

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