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Choosing Your Tarot Deck

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Decks featured here: The Wild Unknown and Mystic Mondays

So you want a tarot deck of your very own. How do you know you're choosing the right one?

First off, there are no rules. Witches be so superstitious about their tarot decks, energies and rituals that we create this energy of terror around doing the right thing, the right way. No such thing. If you're interested in learning the tarot, here are a few suggestions to guide you into making the decision that is right for you.

1. Let Your Heart Guide You

Misconception: Your first deck has to be gifted to you.

Yes, there is often a mystical calling into studying the mysteries of the tarot. Many of us are gifted cards at an early age or in strange circumstances, but does that mean you have to wait for permission from the universe before you dive in? HELL NO. That little voice inside your head that whispers "hey Sandra, I want a tarot deck," is your mystical calling. Listen to it.

How do you find the deck that's right for you? You choose one that lights you up and enthrals you with its imagery. Our soul speaks to us through symbols and colours, so find the deck that you can gaze upon and feel. Now I do believe there are decks and artists that capture the deeper understanding of the arcana better than others, but developing your own relationship with the cards and testing your intuition is far more important. This is your first deck, not your last. Find your local witchy woo-woo shop or the Hocus Pocus section of your local book store. Support an artist online. There is no right or wrong deck to start with, just one that is more right for you.

2. Do As You Wish

Misconception: Don't let anyone touch your deck!

I laugh at how this has become a thing as I think many of us empaths struggle with boundaries and have a hard time saying no. You have permission to keep them to yourself, but there is no harm in having a friend or client shuffle your cards. In fact, it can be very powerful if they do.

I did a reading many years ago where the client was very confused and didn't relate to the reading, so I allowed him to shuffle and draw three cards as he felt ready. He picked the exact same cards. The message is the message.

I share this because many readers will project their magic onto the cards. Although everything vibrates with an energetic imprint, you are the magician. You will feel drawn to the cards you need regardless of who has touched it and we always need to be mindful of giving too much power away to other forces of influence.

As a general principle of love and respect, treat your belongings like they are precious to you, to the best of your ability, and don't beat up on yourself if you slept on your cards or leave them stacked up on the floor.

3. Pace Yourself

Start with one deck, learn it intimately and build a relationship with the images. If you're building your library overnight, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and lost. One method of breaking into your deck that I love is pulling a daily card. Let that be the theme and lesson of the day. Research it. Journal about it. What have you experienced as a result of paying attention to this message?

If you follow me on instagram, you can access the free readings on my stories Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's a great way to learn by seeing the different decks I use and notice what you start to see or respond to. Above all, Tarot is a tool for self discovery. It is meant as a meditation for answers in the here and now, so set yourself up to receive and have fun!

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