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Crafting Everyday Magic

I have endured countless upheavals in my life. Change is a constant for all of us, yet over the years I've grown to develop and foster rituals that have assisted in my evolution, no matter what is happening around me. What I know is true is this: I've desperately needed something more than myself to walk through this world.

And so, I felt a call to create a new container on my site, to speak to the reality, importance and necessity of everyday magic so I may help lead you to a path of how to access it. My intention is to inspire rather instruct, for I find that when we build our own foundations - as imperfect as they may be - we build a stronger relationship with those unseen forces and the Creative Spirit of the Universe. We each have to find our own way, but it's helpful to hear what works so you may try it too.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a dear loved one reached out to me in a dark night of her soul. "I want to be special, but I'm not... I just wish magic was real." That hit me hard. I remember feeling that way, just so lost. And how I see these moments of darkness now are necessary initiations into a better way of life. We crave more meaning because a part of us realizes there is something more, and yet we don't see it and can't envision what it even could be. We are wandering around an art gallery with the lights off, whispering, nothing is here. But that's so far from the truth.

In Search for Special

I believe we are incredible beings, here on purpose, for a purpose, but we are also ordinary in our suffering and desire to be different. I think for many of us, if we're honest, we want to be better than other people. We want things to be easier, as we may see in our comparisons to others. We don't really want to work for it or expose our soft underbellies or ask for help, because somewhere, somehow, we experienced connection as weakness, overwhelm or have trauma tied to it. Many of us are on the constant rollercoaster of "too good for this," and "not good enough," and the in-between is vast, desperate loneliness and a disconnection from the things that nourish us.

Magic is real, but it's not a quick fix.

There is no fairy godmother to snap her fingers and take away our circumstances or consequences, but we do have ancestors and guides who speak to us with symbols or in dreams. Experience of the unseen realm is available for all of us, but most of us don't have the discipline to foster the connection. It's much easier to take a drug and trespass on the inter-dimensional scene, but we're left with no greater sense of self, no deeper understanding, no real relationship with spirit.

We need the ritual of spiritual, crafting everyday activities and showing up for them to strengthen our connection, raise our vibration and experience real, tangible witchy woo woo.

Some of the topics I'll cover here are:

- divination

- bibliomancy

- morning rituals

- meditation

- crystal pendulums

- prayer envelopes

- nature bathing and more, the list continues!

I hope this can be a resource for you where you can find something that resonates and try it for yourself. Your own independent investigation will be more informative than anything I could say, so keep an open mind and trust your inner guidance.

There are pathways to true, profound spiritual experiences and awakenings of our consciousness. Seek and you shall find.

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