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February 2021 Tarotscopes

The Empress is our theme for February, bringing in abundance, creativity and a sense of expansion in our lives. As always, these major arcana energies of the tarot deck identify our strengths and our struggles.

Each month I pull clarifier cards on these energies to define and forecast major themes for all soul groups. Read more about this influence here.

The following are your personal tarotscopes (tarot + astrology) to help you discover what lies ahead. Find your zodiac sign below. For best results, read for your Sun, Moon + Rising Signs.

Tarotscopes for All Astrological Signs

A messenger is coming forward this month, someone with a direct offer or someone who inspires you to do what you love. You are learning to move through life more from your heart, to share yourself in a way that is more based on emotion and creativity and when you follow this, a door swings wide open for you for new beginnings in your financial status or career. There is much to gain in this new venture so listen for the call and follow it.

It is time for you to value your work and efforts in a deeper way and to operate from the place of seeing yourself as a precious resource. I see conflicting beliefs around money, wealth and what you deserve. If you are feeling afraid, depleted and running out of energy, time and security, consider how you may undermine your own worth and allow others to do the same. You have much to offer and much to receive. Find someone who can help you elevate your vibration to match a new era of abundance and wealth.

This message comes out very strong for you - you are magic, you make magic, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, so do it! The Empress shows us how to be the vessel, a direct link between the material and the divine realms. This is also your path. Use your deep connection to the unseen world to help guide your actions. Follow your inspiration as these messages you receive are your directives. When you unleash your creative spirit, wondrous things happen for you now.

Slow and steady, it's time to expand your horizons and consider where else you may be of service and how else you can share your talents. I see a great call to step into the unknown, matched with a grounded sense of self that is not usually your style. You are safe and supported in taking risks now. How can you reach others, who else can you collaborate with? This is what to research now. Look to the horizon and how vast it is for you. Time to grow beyond your little pocket and comfort zone.

You find yourself at a crossroads between two unknown paths and have felt stuck, not sure if you can make the right decision so you haven't taken the necessary action on either front. Perhaps you haven't done enough research, because the two paths are not equal. There is a clear winner here and you have been receiving messages and signs, so trust them. Perhaps you don't want to take the action required because change means the road may curve beyond what you can envision. This is not a time to control outcomes, but to trust that the universe has your back and speaks to you all the time. You are being guided, so listen.

I see a lot of change for you in the realm of your personal relationships. A significant support, partner or love is transforming and so are you. Endings will pave the way for new beginnings, but the sense of loss is very real. Embrace the grief you feel and remember that nothing ever truly dies, it just changes form. There are tender connections available to you, perhaps not in the usual sources, but you will find them. Honour what you need to let go of, trust your path and know that whatever is meant to be will return and what is not in your highest good, it must go.

Attachment to ego identifiers, labels, and your image, all of this is a false mask that robs you from a true sense of self and connection. What we do and who we are will always be in flux, changing and transforming. This is a good thing, but it can be frightening to change and evolve. Who will we become? Who will follow us on the path? What must we let go of and how do we grieve the certainty we once had? These are hard questions on the path of spiritual development, yet if we keep ourselves protected by the shell, no one gets to experience who we really are. Release the need to dazzle others. You will be loved for who you are when you let others see you.

Beware of false prophets and leaders who claim certainty in these unstable times as the Tower is a major influence for you around masters, healers and guides. This combination speaks to a harsh revelation that can rip the rug from under you and reveal empty promises, fraudulent claims, betrayals and deception. Your faith will be tested as a result because you put your faith in the wrong person, place or thing. If you're not being lead by love into love, you're being brought into fear. Let your heart truly see what is in front of you. Tread carefully.

Virgo has a special connection to the energy of The Empress and a deep integration around the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Attraction, yet you are blocked by unnecessary worry and fear. Insomnia, nightmares and anxiety can plague you at this time, making you blind to the reality of how much good surrounds you. Blossoming abundance is not only your reality but your birthright. It's time to ask for a sign that you are protected, guided and cared for and pay attention to spirit showing up in your life. Your worry blocks your ability to receive and there is much the universe wants to provide you with. Get out of the way.

Your path is not clear nor is it mean to be, for now the Empress unites with the High Priestess, bringing you through the dark, lighting the path with only your intuition. You are going to be forever changed by this creative unfolding and you must trust a deeper evolution of your soul is taking place. You are being called to shift gears, explore options and take your talents into new avenues. You do require new places, new contacts and there are many unconsidered options that will bring you to greater connection and abundance. Allow yourself to be curious, to wander through and trust this creative process that is unfolding in your life. You are being initiated and that path is not for the faint of heart! Trust that yes, you do need more, must be more, must receive more. Ask for your guides to help you along this path.

I see strongly that there are deeper lessons around the Divine Feminine and healing your relationship to her, to yourself and to love. Are you still casting your pearls before swine? Allowing your heart to be stomped on in connections that provide a lot of intensity? Consider the power of nightmares. They are often a tool of our soul and spiritual guides to wake us up, to teach us something essential. There is an unhealthy connection in your life that robs you of your spirit and keeps you tied to a false belief that love is scarce and not available to you. Protect your heart. Detach from addictive connections and let the company of true friends feed you and fuel you.

I sense there is a story you tell yourself that is not true, related to a woman (mother/sister/friend) who is intelligent, curious, and possibly someone you've put on a pedestal or feel you could never live up to. A sense of loss hangs around this connection, either through death or estrangement, and my feeling is you're caught in spinning the story, ruminating about the past, feeling heavy with things left unsaid or feeling that all is lost. Your sorrows grow the more you entertain them, when misunderstandings could be remedied and peace made if only you started a conversation. Whether they are here or in the spirit world, they are willing to listen. Open your heart, make amends or forgive where needed, and set yourself free.

All tarotscopes have been cast through my intuition along with the Rider-Waite deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. For more readings, check out my YouTube channel and watch the pick-a-card video for Predictions for 2021.

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