February 2021 Tarotscopes

The Empress is our theme for February, bringing in abundance, creativity and a sense of expansion in our lives. As always, these major arcana energies of the tarot deck identify our strengths and our struggles.

Each month I pull clarifier cards on these energies to define and forecast major themes for all soul groups. Read more about this influence here.

The following are your personal tarotscopes (tarot + astrology) to help you discover what lies ahead. Find your zodiac sign below. For best results, read for your Sun, Moon + Rising Signs.

Tarotscopes for All Astrological Signs

A messenger is coming forward this month, someone with a direct offer or someone who inspires you to do what you love. You are learning to move through life more from your heart, to share yourself in a way that is more based on emotion and creativity and when you follow this, a door swings wide open for you for new beginnings in your financial status or career. There is much to gain in this new venture so listen for the call and follow it.

It is time for you to value your work and efforts in a deeper way and to operate from the place of seeing yourself as a precious resource. I see conflicting beliefs around money, wealth and what you deserve. If you are feeling afraid, depleted and running out of energy, time and security, consider how you may undermine your own worth and allow others to do the same. You have much to offer and much to receive. Find someone who can help you elevate your vibration to match a new era of abundance and wealth.

This message comes out very strong for you - you are magic, you make magic, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, so do it! The Empress shows us how to be the vessel, a direct link between the material and the divine realms. This is also your path. Use your deep connection to the unseen world to help guide your actions. Follow your inspiration as these messages you receive are your directives. When you unleash your creative spirit, wondrous things happen for you now.

Slow and steady, it's time to expand your horizons and consider where else you may be of service and how else you can share your talents. I see a great call to step into the unknown, matched with a grounded sense of self that is not usually your style. You are safe and supported in taking risks now. How can you reach others, who else can you collaborate with? This is what to research now. Look to the horizon and how vast it is for you. Time to grow beyond your little pocket and comfort zone.