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Full Moon Tarot Spread

Here's a great tarot spread for any full moon ritual, including the Blood Moon Eclipse coming up. I suggest using your favourite tarot deck, but oracle cards will work for this too. In this full moon tarot reading, it's best to pull cards within three days of the event when the energies are still at their peak. I also suggest recording your thoughts, impressions and the cards that came forward in your journal.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Three is a magic number. When I am clarifying a message through divination, I will drop three cards down in the position and read through them in order, like a story or pictograph. I find this can give a lot of insight.

For this full moon tarot spread, we have three positions and also three cards for each, so nine cards in total. Follow your own intuition on how to select the cards, but if you would like a suggestion, I shuffle the deck and then pull from anywhere I feel drawn to.

Illuminate Shadows

The Moon does not create its own light, it projects. When we are under the influence of the Moon, our darker aspects of self tends to emerge. We may find all sorts of fault in the world and with others, neatly evading our own resonance with what we reject. A full moon is a time for release, to let go of what no longer serves us.

For the first position, hold the deck and ask, "what aspects of my shadow self are being revealed now and coming up for healing?" Pull three cards.

Honour the High Priestess

The High Priestess is an archetypal energy that is aligned with the phases of the Moon, her mysteries and the process of transformation. Her aim is to bring healing through a constant evolution of our soul. Whatever comes up as a crisis or obstacle, it's here for our highest good and we can find great opportunities for healing within any struggle.

For the second position, ask, " High Priestess, help me understand how this release is helping me now." Pull three cards.

The Initiation

We then follow through on the rite of passage. Cards in this position are likely pointing to people or events in our lives that will challenge us or act as a spiritual teaching. Our awareness of their arrival is to embrace the lesson and not be in resistance, thus prolonging the potential suffering we may endure.

Pay attention to the suits you pull for this position. Is there a predominance of earth, air, water or fire? That will give you a clue to where your healing needs to occur. A major arcana card speaks to your healing journey unfolding over a six month process.

It's important that you record all of your findings. The messages that come forward can help you come into deeper alignment with your true destiny and spiritual path. Any "negative" cards that speak to struggle, know that in just being aware and facing them in this spread can give you a more positive outcome. You will have the opportunity to act from a higher plane and not operate from unconscious behaviour or beliefs, nor need to default to old patterns for survival.

* * *

Did something surprising come up for you in this spread? Leave me a comment below to share your insight!

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