January 2021 Tarotscopes

Discover what lies ahead for you in these predictions cast through the message of Tarot. Find your zodiac sign below. For best results, read for your Sun, Moon + Rising Signs.

The Tower is our theme of the month, so expect the unexpected! Although it can strike fear in our hearts about losing something we don't want to - it's often the act of divine intervention that strips away what we no longer need, whether we're ready or not. Read more about our Tarot of the Month here.

As we're starting out a new year, I have a spiritual download in the shop! Future Visions is an interactive pick-a-number oracle that reveals the major energies that will come forward for you in 2021. Instead of relying on astrology, it's pure divination that YOU get to practice. Download Future Visions here.

Our Tarotscopes below give you yet another opportunity to fine-tune the messages meant for you. Pay attention to repeated messages as it's confirmation of the upcoming experience to prepare for. A lot of beautiful cards came forward so don't be afraid of the Tower! It's here to free us up for what we're meant for.

Tarotscopes for All Astrological Signs

Pay attention to new opportunities as spirit opens up doors for you. It's time to go deeper and be who you are meant to be. You'll find an increase in mystical signs, synchronistic events and new people coming into your life at this time. A sense of vitality, renewal and a bright period awaits you when you follow the nudges from spiritual realms.

Time to take a leap of faith. There is an awakening that takes place and an activation when you foster your creativity, sexuality and inspire passion. Healing and renewals take place to bring you into a deeper sense of self. Protect your energy while you're growing in this power - be mindful of those who are attracted to you because they won't foster their own passions.

It's time to take action around reconnection, fostering support for yourself and re-establishing those relationships with people who were with you when it was tough. Your interaction with others had been out of balance previously, either you were the taker or the giver without much reciprocity or you've allowed yourself to retreat and isolate to an unhealthy level. Reach out to someone who you haven't talked to in a while. You'll discover their friendship hasn't slipped away and how good it feels to share the journey, be witnessed and hold space for others.

You will need to work extra hard in calming your fears around a sense of personal safety and financial security. All is well - but it will look very different. There is massive change around you now and yes, some things that were solid are coming to an end or changing form. You're entering into a new cycle, a personal rebirth of sorts, and that will be reflected in all ways. You will be taken care of. You are protected by spirit. Allow the changes to happen.

A happy shift occurs, freeing you to pick up momentum and feel the rush of adrenaline towards this new phase of your life. Celebrate all that you have, because the energy around you now speaks to ultimate joy, fulfilment and connection. I see health and happiness for you and your family and even a desire to move forward and grow or expand your own immediate circle. Lots of joy and support for you this month.