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Tarot of the Month: January 2021

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I will be honest. I gave a bit of an "ooof" sigh when the Tower came forward for our first card of 2021. As a theme of the month, it promises more uncertainty, plot twists and unexpected change. Lighting strikes, a revelation, act of God or startling news, but when I pulled cards to clarify, a warmer story unfolds. Keep with me here.

The Tower strips away our foundations, but also our defences. We are in a state of overwhelm and shock - this wasn't suppose to be so scary or so hard. What happens when disaster strikes? People come together. They ask for help and are broken down enough to be open to receive support from others. What if what is crumbling is the facade that has kept you locked away, pretending, and so removed from the heart of life? Emotions will play a significant role in this upset, but a deeper sense of love and connection is right around the corner.

The Collective Reading: Themes and Energies Coming Forward

An Awakened Heart, the Ace of Cups promises a divine act of love, a victory and unfolding story of romance, passions or divine purpose. Many of you will be hit by this like a bolt out of the blue. It may be a new relationship or a welcomed project, for some perhaps an unexpected pregnancy, but there is good energy around this and divine orchestration.

The Knight of Cups and King of Pentacles came forward. An emphasis on the dynamic of Husband/Son, Romance/Commitment, Partner/Father will be revealed.

Anxious Nights. The 9 of Swords is called the nightmare card. It can speak to a lack of sleep, worries and rumination of the past. I read this often as the "I'm not good enough," card for the swords that dangle above our heads are often negative beliefs, harsh words we carry and doubt. I see a lot of frustration in waiting for your sign, financial support, or efforts to pay off. Scarcity and financial insecurity may cause anxiety. When these feelings come up, ground yourself into what is true not what is perceived.

A return. Here is a tricky energy because the 6 of Cups can be someone returning to your life or you returning to the place of your childhood, a reconnection with friends and family or romancing what used to be. There's energy here of what is offered isn't recognized - you do not see the divine gift in this moment and are questioning if you even want this situation or if it's all that it was cracked up to be. Perhaps more is required of you than anticipated and there are doubts and dissatisfaction in your heart. I feel a strong connection to childhood issues or troubles with attachment, what love felt like, how you received support. You must revisit some of those feelings to understand your current circumstances.

In general, be mindful to keep your heart open and be accepting of help when it is offered to you. If the Castle has been keeping you safe and in control, your heart has other plans.

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