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Love is a Divine Assignment

Falling in love is one of our greatest lessons. Even when love is unrequited, a positive energy is born into the world and we can be positively changed by it.

Since childhood I have been in love with love. As a double Libra (Sun + Rising) with a Taurus Moon, my very essence is ruled by Aphrodite. I would obsess about love. I had a crush on every boy and when no one inspired my heart flutters, I was deeply, terribly bored. I wanted the grand adventure and I wanted it now, at the ripe age of eight.

Sadly, witnessing my birth Mother struggle in her relationships, witnessing abandonment, violence and pain, a chill in my bones began to settle. Love shouldn’t look like this. Our eventual separation impacted me greatly. And so my heart darkened. Love became capitalist propaganda to sell flowers, chocolates and rom-coms. I would not subject myself to such humiliation, and yet my heart yearned to be seen and my body ached to be held. I desperately wanted to mean something to someone. As you can imagine, my journey to love has been long and painful.

Part of my healing was not finding The One, but living through my lessons and showing up to the best of my ability. I have had epic romances, cinematic moments and painful, wretched betrayals. What I kept noticing at the end of these unions was my own tendency to dismiss them. “Oh well, he wasn’t the one. Next.” I kept searching, kept allowing my heart to thaw and to open and expand, but I was missing something very important.

As I began to walk the path of spirituality - reclaiming the knowledge that we are all connected, guided and loved - I came to the realization that everyone is The One. All were great teachers and through pain and through ecstasy, all healed my misunderstanding of love. Even the ones who wouldn’t love me back, or treat me with kindness. To be shown what love is not, is also a great gift. And ultimately, in walking away from situations that did not serve me, I grew in a deep love for myself. Through great healing, I can trust and nourish myself today. I have broken a cycle. From this place, I have found a beautiful, deep connection with a person I want to build a life with and I didn’t meet him until my mid-30s. Even now, I can not be certain of what the future holds, but my mission is to live in love every step of the way.

When we stop looking for “The One,” we allow love to find us in the present moment. We see people with more curiosity. We don’t bend and break to make a relationship work. We don’t sign up to relationships with people who are interested in us, but don’t truly light us up. We don’t settle for meaningless sex with people who deplete our energy and light.

We don’t worry about our age, our timelines, our past mistakes. We stop comparing ourselves and envying what other people seem to have. We’re not disturbed when someone doesn’t vibe with us and we don’t make being single a story of our worthiness. We don’t believe in the end of our happiness when our marriage ends or our spouse passes away.

When we accept a spiritual path, we listen to the call of our heart and accept our divine assignments. Everyone is The One, the teacher, the holy encounter.

I hope in reading these channelled messages that you are given permission to be wildly in love with your life right now, and to embrace connection in all forms. May we embrace our lessons and come to realize, it’s all love. Everything, all the time.

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