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March 2021 Tarotscopes

The Chariot is our theme for March, bringing in action, inspiration and the motivation to get moving! This month our clarifiers touched upon moving away from grief and receiving a spiritual download on new directions and pathways. Read more about our major arcana influence here.

So what areas of your life will the Chariot come bursting forth? The following are your personal tarotscopes (tarot + astrology) to help you discover what lies ahead. Find your zodiac sign below. For best results, read for your Sun, Moon + Rising Signs.

Tarotscopes for All Astrological Signs

New life awakens when you let down your guard. The 9 of Wands speaks to boundaries and fortifications, protective devices that keep you safe and contained. The force of the chariot is about to break through, no matter how much you want things to remain the same. Change is coming. Can you allow yourself to be curious about this time in your life? Can you trust this force could propel you to greater achievement and success and inspiration? Wands are representatives of what we do, the forces of intention we put out into the world. Perhaps your big dream is not big enough. Trust that this force is a good one and here to help you expand.

New life awakens when you go with the flow. We had two cards leap out for you this month. The Sun is in reverse with the 7 of Wands, which tells a story of self-sabotage and holding back from what truly lights you up. Imagine a herd of horses unleashed toward a lone solider who is trying to hold their ground. They know they will be trampled, but still they do not move. This is either a moment of great bravery or futility, depending on the nature of the immense force that is rushing toward you. There are times of resistance that are necessary for building your character and others that become missed opportunities. You must ask yourself: do I really want what I'm fighting for? Is this rush of new energy actually negative or is it leading me to a happier destiny? What is holding me still when life is pushing me forward? Reflection on this will bring you into deeper alignment.

New life awakens through your integrated healing. I love the Temperance card for you this month, for the symbol of the two cups pouring into each other to find the right combination of effort and ease, light and dark, this is your nature. There will be great forces propelling you to face and confront areas of sickness, addictions and traumas. You will feel ready for this, knowing that giving something up (drugs or alcohol, toxic relationships, negative beliefs) is a necessary part of embracing your higher self, the person you are meant to be. You are a healer in the middle of "the work" required that will have you lighting the path for others. So what in you needs to be tempered? Where do you need more balance and healing and integration? This is a double arcana month for you, meaning major life-altering energies. What do you need to do to become who you are meant to be?

New life awakens when you embrace your inner magic. The fool in this deck is called The Starseed. It speaks to a greater journey, one of your soul that has experienced many life times and lived many stories. This does herald an exciting new beginning for you, but one connected to your soul mission. You've come through with gifts that need to be shared and a spiritual mission that only you can see through. This month calls you to embrace your true calling, to pursue your purpose with the force of a thousand horses behind you. What directions have you been given? What is the voice within encouraging you to do? Now is the time to pivot, to discard all that doesn't nourish you and follow your soul's journey. This is the perfect time for an inspired, radical change in your experience.

New life awakens through embracing change. Be prepared. This is not the time for certainty. The Tower speaks to a shift in your home life, relationship or occupation that will shake you up and have you feeling out of control. You may be looking for solid ground, but wisdom is found in embracing the upheaval. The destruction paves the way for brilliance and regeneration that is only available outside of the comfort zone. Trust that all is unfolding for a necessary time of growth and fortification. How disruptive this force will be is totally dependent on your own flexibility and willingness to let go of whatever doesn't serve you.

New life awakens when you find a mentor. It's admirable to strike out on your own, but the Hierophant is a clear sign of needing to learn from a master, someone who has walked this path before. The energy behind this card is very spiritual, so it speaks to the fact that in some area of your life, you need guidance. Not another self-help book, but instruction and witnessing from either a councillor, healer or sponsor that can see the things that are in your blind spots. You can only heal what you're conscious of - and this is a call to go deeper. This connection will open new pathways for you, push past stagnation and help clear the obstacles in the way of your manifestation and true purpose. Ask yourself - who is my teacher? You may already know the answer. If not, be open to the advice from others who may have your next step in finding them.

New life awakens with a new perspective. Here we have a major arcana double header, with some conflicting energies that may create some tension, frustration and pearls, for your goal this month is to be fortified through true grit. The Chariot pushes you forward, yet The Hanged Man keeps you in a limbo, suspending you for further clarity and integration. Creating space to get in touch with yourself will help temper the inner conflict, but its likely you have all the desire and drive to move forward without a clear direction of where you're going. Being busy for the sake of it can just drain all your creative energy. You must pause and make space for the big questions of your life: what am I doing? Where do I really want to be five years from now? What am I still holding on to out of obligation or ego identification? What does "God" want of me / what is my true purpose? Don't open the gates until you have your spiritual blueprints.

New life awakens by trusting your intuition. This month will provide radical shifts in your consciousness if you are willing to pause and journey within. Insights and feminine wisdom are found in the High Priestess. You are called to spend more time connecting to your guides and the unseen realms. Working with bibliomancy, crystal pendulums, tarot, journaling, prayer and shamanic journeying into other dimensions will activate and validate this wisdom. This is a time to dive into the strange. How can you become more of a vessel for spiritual light in your everyday? How can you help heal the world and also yourself? Mystical realms are calling for you now. I suggest working with the cycles of the moon and conducting a new moon (March 13) and full moon (March 28) rituals, as they will be very powerful for you this month.

New life awakens from healing your trauma. Here we have the 10 of Swords in reverse, which is a positive sign. But first, we must acknowledge how much you are holding back, living in fear, full of anxiety and doubt. You are responsible for healing your pain and not doing so will have long term consequences. If you're already reaching out for help, bravo! But I feel many of you still need to be reminded that healing is not about figuring it out and fixing yourself. It's not about achieving perfection or more containment or restriction to force yourself into the person you want to be. You must heal. You must confront the betrayal, the loss, the wounded part of your soul that has kept you playing small and hiding from your passions. If you are feeling depressed, drained and not fully "here," please seek outside help with trusted lightworkers and in healing modalities that bring you back into your body. New energy wants to come through you - make space for it and know you deserve the support you need.

New life awakens when you appreciate what you have. The chariot is here to rock you free from your own sense of dissatisfaction and apathy. The brilliance of the 4 of Pentacles is a message of "don't give up before the miracle happens." We receive this card at points where we've lost connection to our spirit of hope and revival. We start to focus on all the things that are wrong or not working, and we fail to see a grand opportunity that is coming through from the heavens. A daily practice of gratitude and saying "thank you" to the universe will help shift your perception. Something big is coming, something magical. Don't lose hope and turn your head away from it. A positive change is on its way. Trust things will work out for you.

New life awakens through Forgiveness, for it's time to let go and move on. Resentment is the feeling behind the 5 of Swords, a hollow victory of being right over being at peace, finding an audience for your negative experiences and thus reliving them. It's time to let go of the battle and the war story. Be sure to read the clarifiers of the Chariot this month , for I feel the energy of "moving on from grief" will hold great significance for you. These wild horses are here to free your heart and bring you back into your body with fierce empowerment. The energy here can push you forward and bring you towards the wisdom of the six of swords, elevating your transitions from pain to wisdom. These halfway points and transitions can be painful, but you are strong enough to move through this. Let go and allow a new story to unfold.

New life awakens in The World, meaning massive changes and transitions are taking place. In the Starchild tarot, this card is the "Universe," so take this symbol as the expansive and life-altering energy of the galaxies. This number is 21, a positive omen for you as 2021 will be a year of remarkable change, if you keep following your highest path. Connecting to the spirit of the universe on a daily basis through meditation and prayer, journaling and creating sacred space to just be and receive will do wonders for you. There's nothing you need to do but pay attention and follow guidance. The universe is working on your behalf. Say yes to this exciting new chapter in your life.

All tarotscopes have been cast through my intuition along with the Starchild Tarot deck. For more readings, check out my YouTube channel and watch the pick-a-card video for Predictions for 2021.

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