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Mercury Retrograde: Releasing Old Patterns

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Can we just take a moment with each other and say, holy shit - this is hard right now? Cancer season has brought a lot of feels, irritation, projections and a desperate need for boundaries. You feeling it?

The energy transmission from Andrew Martin this month has some incredible gems of wisdom for us. First, he sheds light on what the hell happened last month and aptly casts June's theme of letting the shadow and the darkness into the room. Agreed. Interesting how Gemini season - The Twins - brings to the forefront our split personalities, our conscious and unconscious or shadow self.

Andrew continues by breaking down the beauty and necessity of this experience as we 1) acknowledge the darkness exists 2) accept the part we play in it 3) come up with new coping methods and choices, because we can't go back.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who had some ah-ha moments of self realization amid extreme discomfort and self-created chaos. I've noticed general themes within myself as well as the people I work with and relate to:

  • Extreme discomfort around letting go of control, feeling safe and receiving support.

  • Recognizing isolation, wanting connection but also being reminded of why we remain isolated because relationships are hard!

  • Repeated scarcity patterns around love and money.

  • An inability to keep calm and collected, instead finding emotional tantrums are a hair-trigger away.

  • Fighting with people we love, projecting our stories onto them, noticing their shadow-self and being prone to criticism and judgement.

  • Exhaustion and depletion, needing much more time alone and then terrified of what shows up in our mind and body when we do.

So what do we do with all of that stuff stirred up? We keep going. Mercury retrograde takes place on July 7th - essentially an energetic rollback to previous themes for release. It's an opportunity for us to replay some of these themes while making other choices. Ever wonder why mercury retrograde is associated with disruptions in our communications with others?We're called to go in, not reach out. That's only scary if we have a backlog of shit we haven't been dealing with!

We practice self care right now and look for the positive, as I'm sensing we're on the precipice of a major shift towards greater connection and presence. Take time to retreat and let everything that came up last month to integrate as wisdom and mastery.



Watch Andrew Martin's energy transmission here.

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