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Sagittarius Season

When Sagittarius Season hits, our soul is ignited with playful wonder, the desire for expansion and a new sense of self...

Time to light your FIRE! Travel, curiosity and new experiences for the sake of feeding the soul are on the horizon!

The Archer is the 9th sign of the zodiac, a huntress, the centaur, an #archetype that blends the worlds of human and beast. This fire sign taps us into our animal nature, our instincts and physicality. It’s time to stop thinking so much and move your body! Totems and familiars are special messengers this month. Have you felt their presence?

As we move toward 2020, it’s a beautiful thing to envision our future, yet we need to do so from an elevated state. How do you embrace your need to play, to run wild into the woods, and feel joy within your body? My familiar is very playful and demonstrates that unbridled soul fire I am looking to unleash with myself. Start hunting for your signs, symbols and synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) that will lead you to a deeper knowing of who you truly are.

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