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Scorpio Season

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

When Scorpio Season hits, we can expect to delve deeper into our emotional wounds and shadow self...

When I think of Scorpio, I think of the goddess Kali and the importance of the shadow-feminine archetype: death, destruction and chaos, the importance of pain that brings us to greater healing and wholeness.

Alana Fairchild uses the image of the scorpion as the symbolic demon of lower vibrational forces in her Isis Oracle. To me, this perfectly demonstrates the power and medicine of Scorpio, being in-touch with unseen forces, the courage to face our darkness that is often projected onto others. It also means that #scorpioseason can evoke this need for healing and give us the opportunity to name that darkness so it ceases to operate without our consent.

  1. Fear (Root Chakra)

  2. Guilt (Sacral Chakra)

  3. Shame (Solar Plexus Chakra)

  4. Grief-unending (Heart Chakra)

  5. Lies (Throat Chakra)

  6. Illusion (Third Eye Chakra)

  7. Attachment (Crown Chakra)

Even taking moment to see these words, to experience sensation in your body, you may intuitively feel you are lead to focus on one of these areas. You may also see themes come up in your life, the underlying narrative of your experiences with others. It's a pathway to freedom to investigate and uncover, and that is what scorpio allows us to do. This isn't "positive vibes only," but a grounded self-appraisal of where the pain is within you and how you've been medicating it or evading it's presence.

Sun in Scorpio

You seek to know and discover what people keep in their deep, dark caverns, so you steer clear of surface relationships. Your reputation of being mysterious, secretive or intense stem from a need to have dominance over others when you feel threatened. You may instigate conflict or drama with others for reassurance of your power and position within relationships or social groups.

You are innately connected to the spiritual realm, the necessity for the darker side of life and the importance of the dark night of the soul to fortify character and resolve. The intensity of your emotions makes you a natural guide, and when you're in your enlightened state, you have the ability to uplift those around you by encouraging them to tap into their unseen power.

Moon in Scorpio

For your emotional fulfillment, you need to release the need to control and manipulate others. This requires safety and choosing partnerships that are equal and loyal, not based on unbalanced power dynamics.

Because you have been deeply wounded in past lives, crisis and betrayal have put you into an attitude of distrust and extreme focus on emotional survival. This strong suspicion can actually bring about the darkness in others or you may convince yourself bringing about exactly what you fear to experience.

Positive bonding with trustworthy individuals is absolutely key. A monogamous soulmate relationship does wonders to heal you from these past wounds.

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