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Tarot is a Mirror

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

A still from my short film "What You Can Hide in the Cold," for the Dead North Film Festival.

It's 2020 and I still get fearful reactions when I tell people I'm a tarot reader. There is stigma, fear, ignorance and arrogance around the art of divination, however... taking a good look in the mirror is often a terrifying experience, isn't it?

When you begin to see the world through the eyes of magic, through spiritual principles of everything being energy and all of us connected, tarot becomes very simple. You meet what you match. We tend to lie to ourselves, justify our behaviour and get comfortable with our perception, but the process of divination does not tell us what we want to hear.

You will always connect to the frequency in which you vibrate, which is why - rightfully so - tarot is scary shit. All self-reflection is because of these simple things:

If I know the truth, what will be required of me?

If I see what's going on, I will have to speak up.

If I speak to how I feel, I will have to do something about it and I can't control the outcome.

If I see who I really am, who will I have to leave behind?

These are the big, life changing questions. These are the words that cannot be eaten, or put back under the floor boards. They live, they breathe, they radiate. And they will change your life. That should startle you.

Tarot is a snap-shot of the here and now. That's why it's so powerful. It reveals what we tend to conceal and so reflection is a very brave act.

If you don't like where you're heading, you can do something about it. Also, you may need a reminder of the positive in the situation, that you feel you're falling apart when really, you're not being tested - you are being fortified.

We need self-reflection because so much of our actions are unconscious. It's why we cannot pull ourselves out of the dark alone. We can't find solutions with the same brain that got us in trouble. We can't heal our behaviours or choices in relationships by isolating.

A spiritual path is the road less travelled because it's uncomfortable. If we're longing for a real relationship, our spiritual purpose, or desire to unlock our gifts, a great way to start is to look at what is standing in our way. What do you hate? Love? Wish for? Judge others about? All that we see in others exists within us. Spot it - you got it. How do we accept the truth about this without looking away?

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