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Tarot of the Month: April 2021

A new card revealed from my 12 Moons Tarot deck!

The High Priestess is our tarot of the month which is a beautiful omen. The Priestess is one of my favourite energies of the major arcana. She brings us a deeper connection to spirit, radical healing, celestial blessings and greater receptivity to our intuition.

Expect April to be a month of life-changing steps forward, but know that this will mostly take place behind the scenes, in our inner life. I consider this divine feminine energy a great liberator, a perfect companion to the chariot for our desire to move forward now requires the profound transformation found through self-reflection and the inner work. The suit of Swords came through this month, which speaks of mental clarity, triumph and truth. This is the power that changes our outer worlds because we come into alignment with positive thoughts, a clear vision for ourselves, and knowing what we want and need.

In our past, as a society, we've idolized those who are skilled at crafting an image and play pretend for a living. We're now awakening in a new era where no masks, filters or angled images will conceal what life really feels like. We aren't buying what they're selling anymore. Unless we feel a level of authenticity, those still setting up the smoke and mirrors will actual repulse us without our conscious thought. Perhaps you've already noticed this in yourself and have turned away from what just doesn't feel right. You'll be more drawn to follow those who tell the truth.

Which means our own energy will speak volumes now. There is a taoist belief that our actions are the only belongings we carry with us. I feel that will also be a theme and the impetus to pause, self-reflect and consider how our thoughts and actions and values are in alignment. This month promises a revelation around things that have held us back.

For those who are creative or also working in the spiritual healing arts, this is an incredible time to connect to the divine feminine and be lead deeper into your practice. In meditation or prayer, cultivating a deeper connection with the Spirit of the Universe will activate new abilities and draw more people to you - if and when you are aligned with helping from unconditional love and service.

Align yourself with the cycles of the Moon, practice tarot, paint, write, sing, honour the Goddess in all forms. Soul journey into the realms for guidance and ask for signs. Animal totems, synchronicity and spiritual ceremony will be amplified this month. It is going to be a month of Magic!

The Collective Reading: Themes and Energies Coming Forward

Spiritual Awakening - A New Perspective

This first message brought three major arcana cards, in the Starchild Tarot deck called Awakening (Judgement), Perspective (The Hanged Man) and Serenity (the Hermit). I love the new interpretations here and the feminine perspective on these archetypes.

As I mentioned above, this month will bring you mental clarity on a situation or circumstance you've been battling for a long time. If you are open and willing to see, a spiritual download may hit you like a bolt of lighting. "Oh - THAT's what is going on here!" Suddenly, you see your part in your own misery and how you've contributed to the situation. The freedom you seek you must also bestow to others. No advice can help you integrate your lessons. Now, you just know and see. And this changes everything.

Prayer and meditation will powerfully rocket you forward to these insights. Slow down and allow time for sacred space. Honour the High Priestess by spending time alone in this reflection after sun-down. Have candle-lit baths or dark showers, as the water will amplify your psychic abilities. Walk through the woods and watch her creatures, observe the beauty around you.

True Vision - A Transformation Around Relationships

The King of Swords comes through this month, which can demonstrate our ability to be in our own power and authority, and for some of you highlight a love interest or previous romantic partner.

This person is a masculine air sign, a brilliant intellectual (writer, leader, producer) and a visionary who I sense has overcome his own demons and undergone a radical transformation. The death card comes through, which means a change and also an ending, which is why I feel some of you have already tangled with this person. There is potential for a reignited romance here or an important choice around risking another heartache or standing your ground.

As our own energy, the King shows us our own transformation has taken place. What we allow for ourselves has really changed and we're clear about what and who we need to build the proper foundation for ourselves. The choices we make in our romantic partners are just reflections of how we feel about ourselves and how much love we think we deserve. I see healing around this area for you and a strong presence in your soul. Your experience of connection is about to change.

A Breakthrough

The Ace of Swords is all about new energy coming through from the divine. It's a new experience in the realm of thoughts, understanding and communications. I sense a lot of instability and change is making way for new connections and some of you will be physically moving this month, either a new home or hometown. This is about to unlock a lot of personal power for you and bring forth new energy, celebrations and happiness. A cosmic egg and planted seed symbolizes a new life, birth and growth - a new spirit wants to be revealed. For some that's a physical pregnancy while others may be birthing an important project or business that is linked to publishing or communications.

I also see a breakthrough around boundaries and healing wounded relationships. The Queen of Cups is a feminine character full of emotions and can be quite cruel when hurt. I sense this character is your age or older, a sister, mother or grandmother figure and that a lot of power struggles and issues around codependency and dominance have taken place. I see mending and forgiveness taking place between you and that this repaired relationship - with boundaries - will bring a lot of joy to you both. Here is the wisdom of the awakening happening for you, seeing life from another perspective, understanding their side, their hurt, their fears. Seeing this person as a child of God who was doing the best they could - as were you. Reach out and start a conversation. Make the first move. Take action, but lay down the sword. Part of the spiritual path is understanding our job is to love and make sure everyone gets home safe.

For more energies for 2021, head over to my shop and get the Future Visions download, a pick-a-number oracle that can add further clarity to your situation.

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