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Tarot of the Month: April 2022

This is a continued journey through the Big Mysteries within the Tarot. Twelve cards from the major arcana were selected in 2021 and are revealed each month, paving our collective path through a story of spiritual awakening.

What is awakening this month:

Temperance: Being In-Between

It's impossible for me to think of this card without the sign of Libra, the scales of balance, two cups pouring into each other to find the right measurement. Our upcoming Full Moon on April 16th is in Libra and our relationships will be in the spotlight. The push and pull between our need for solace and our need for connection will be common themes.

Temperance, from my upcoming deck.

Here are the collective energies that will be unfolding for us in April:

Blossoming Abundance

I hear an exhale collectively as there has been much sacrifice around finances - I'm receiving a powerful deja vu as I write this, so there is a powerful message for someone around taking the risk that leads to the right path. However you are being called to be of service, stand and be counted on. Spirit is opening a door wide to new avenues of material wealth and resources, swinging a pendulum from scarcity to the far side of the coin. Notice your blessings and make space for more.

Healing Our Life Force

Once again it's time to level up. For many, low grade fear, tension and worries have been robbing you of precious energy, draining your vitality. A new cycle begins under this sign of Temperance and a feeling of expansion has begun to take hold. This energy is springing forth from the third chakra that represents our confidence, will, and emotions of desire. It is imperative now to follow what lights you up. Pure joy is the true essence that rises us up and brings us hope for a better future.

Clouds on the Horizon

A storm is brewing - something outside of us creates havoc and brings forth the floods of emotion or great difficulty. Signs of this storm have been swirling around for a few weeks and I sense something will be experienced collectively and mirrored in our inner circles.

We are not done with our challenges. Instead, we're asked to take the healing message of Temperance and apply it to our lives, to maintain our balance and live from equal measure. We cannot avoid calamity or grief, and though we can't always see what's coming, we can still prepare for the unexpected by staying grounded and trusting our inner resources. Stay centred and honour yourself with slowing down and making choices that reflect your values.

Dive Deeper with MYSTICA

My latest digital download is the Spring issue of the MYSTICA Tarot Almanac. This spiritual offering reveals the cards pulled for April - June 2022 with deeper insights, tarot spreads and writing prompts for reflection. This season does not offer us gentle pathways, but core-changing inner work and revelation. We will emerge with new eyes to the world, but only after a long period of self reflection.

This is an opportunity to stand at the precipice of this season and to take in the entire landscape. This way, we honour and recognize our place in the death-rebirth cycles and find greater acceptance of the here and now.

I do suggest that you have your own tarot or oracle deck to work through this book. MYSTICA is also intended to help you learn and integrate the lessons of tarot by connecting the energies to your own experience. You can work through the tarot spreads and reflection questions directly in this fillable pdf or in your own notebook. Download here.

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages. If you're signed up for my monthly newsletter, there are more messages to be found.

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