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Tarot of the Month: December 2021

As we plunge into the season of Winter, our sacred container for the month of December is Death: transitions, rites of passage, endings and rebirth. In designing this latest tarot card, I felt compelled to bring forth some of my greatest fears: the ocean and black holes. These great unknowns speak to me of the vast forces that cannot be understood or controlled. It represents for me the overwhelming confrontation with extreme powerlessness - my personal experience with death, destruction and not knowing what's on the other side.

Here we also have the pearl, beauty that is found through suffering, and the butterfly, a reminder that death requires a complete disintegration before we form anew. The aged hands of the divine feminine are open to receive these great mysteries of life as we travel towards our ultimate transition.

Death is not an easy card to receive or endure, but our greatest opportunities for course-correction, renewal and liberation are found within. Consider the possibility that the unknown is exactly what your soul is craving. Read below for clarity on how the Death card is showing up for the collective this month.

Power is Found in the Connection of Souls

When death visits us in a physical sense, our friends and family gather close to honour the soul who passed. It is not an event that we endure alone. Yet when we live through the end of a job, or a relationship, or a sense of self, we may not have access to the community experiencing the same specific loss. It can feel very isolating. The 3 of Pentacles is a call for spiritual support and the physical presence of others. How can we better witness our need for connection and come together to grieve our own endings?

The power of this connection requires us to be vulnerable and willing to share the truth of our lives with those who we trust. Part of our death-cycle may be noticing that our inner circle needs to change as we evolve and need more support. We may also be called to heal past experiences around the lack of trust and connection as the 10 of Swords clarifies this situation, shedding light to feelings of deep betrayal and hurt from the past. Allow new bonds to form, for much inspiration and magic is to be received in fresh friendships that appear for you now.

Breaking Free from Stagnation

For many of you, I believe this death-cycle has been taking place for a long period of time. Many of us are feeling stuck and lost and uninspired. We have endured many forms of death and much grief and suffering over these 19 months. We can feel the dread of having to lose another part of ourselves, but Death is also a great liberator. It's our initiation to the new experience we crave. We have a beautiful message of transformation in the 8 of Wands, an onslaught of movement and creativity is coming forward.

For many of you, this is a call to write about your thoughts and feelings. Paint about your experience. Sing the songs in your heart. These creative actions will begin to reignite that inner spark that is very much alive within you. This energy is breaking us free from stuck patterns or situations. Surrendering to the process of change allows us to move past the things that have hurt to pursue all that heals. What is your wand? A pen, a paintbrush, an instrument? Find yourself in the creation.

When Presented with a Choice, Seek Reciprocity

The 7 of Cups speaks to the feeling of confusion with all the options presented to you. Your current challenge is to decipher between the true and the false. Not all options are equal. When in a state of overwhelm, when a feeling of scarcity has taken place, everything looks good on the menu. You don't have to settle for crumbs.

Underneath this challenge is a deeper issue with your own energy and a sense of lack. The 5 of Pentacles speaks to a deep feeling of being forgotten, not having enough or being enough. From this place, any thing you reach out for will not nourish you. This creates false evidence that life gives you nothing in return. This is like dying of thirst and only seeking solace from the empty wells. Do you see your part in this?

Here is a great opportunity for healing. When you feel you're right on the edge, seeking support and asking for help is essential and life-saving. Find your nourishment. I envision for you the death of the martyr, the end of disregarding your own needs for others and entering into a new prosperous phase of reciprocity, finding the balance of giving and receiving. This requires radical change to address those energetic behaviours that undermine your right to receive the abundance of life. It's important to allow your life to reduce down to these essential supports. Seek only what gives back to you and returns your energy.


* * *

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time.

I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages.

You can find more of me on instagram here: @Lindsey_McNeill_Writer.

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