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Tarot of the Month: February 2022

Receiving Magic and Undergoing Massive Transformation.

As we continue through the season of Winter, we encounter a very challenging but magical energy within the major arcana. Typically known as the Hanged Man, I was led to design this latest card as the cocoon and name it Suspension. It is the greatest symbol to reflect our spiritual path at this time.

Profound changes within us are happening still under the surface. We are prone to retreat and rest, giving ourselves more space than we may be used to. We need the time to change and in these quiet moments, we see the world from a new perspective.

When we honour this energy in our lives, we achieve a new sense of awareness about ourselves, what we need and what we are called to do next. The challenge here is to be in a state of non-action. Observe. Witness. Record what comes up. Turn to create mediums of writing, painting and music. Be in the process. Be still in the discomfort. Only in the complete surrender will the new light be turned on and the next steps revealed.

There is nothing to do. This is the call to be.

The following energies are clarifiers for this month, pulled from the Tarot.

From the Light Seer's Tarot deck.

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

When everything is changing around us, we tend to hold tightly onto what is familiar, even when it no longer gives us energy. I see resistence to necessary changes in the 4 of Pentacles with the 8 of Cups. Emotionally, you're already out of a situation and need to move on, but you may worry about supporting yourself or maintaining your lifestyle or appearances. When deciding when to hold on or let go, look for reciprocity. Where is there balance and equal give and take?

In regards to your finances, hold on to what you have. This is not the time for sweeping changes but smart investments and gradual savings. Be wary of any tendency towards forcing solutions because being in limbo feels uncomfortable.

Guard Yourself Against Negativity

In Suspension, the world gets quiet and we begin to hear our inner whispers. More often than not, our inner dialogue is not supportive or hopeful. I call this negativity the "gremlins." Do not feed them, especially after midnight.

The Page of Swords with the 9 of Swords is a warning to guard yourself from worry, anxiety and rumination. You are more prone to worst case scenarios and must take an active stance at rooting out this darkness and fear in yourself. Instead, prepare your defensive strategies, as marked by the 8 of Wands. Daily gratitude lists, joining a prayer circle, finding a supportive partner or group to keep focused on what is possible is crucial. Focus on your progress. Hold on to your intentions and mantras. Cultivate your morning and evening routines with militant discipline. How you prepare yourself for sleep and wakefulness will make all the difference in gathering your strength. Confront what comes up, but don't follow it down into the dark.

Deep Heart Healing Through Divine Feminine Power

This is a beautiful message. The pain that is coming up for you now will be healed by your connection to the divine feminine. The 3 of Swords with the 3 of Cups is a call for all masculine-identified souls to come deeper into the energy of yin.

Maiden, Mother, Crone. Two-spirits and feminine-led humans in all gender configurations. Covens, collectives, support groups. Daughters of Isis the High Priestess, practitioners of healing, art therapy, magic, tarot, yoga, music. Any avenue that speaks to you will bring profound transformation. Find your soul group and spend time in the nourishment that comes through shared stories and wisdom.

An Invitation to Go Deeper

If you feel called, join the Mystic Babes in working through my MYSTICA Tarot Almanac, now available in the shop! This digital download is intended to assist you in processing these tarotscopes on a deeper level.

There is a group of us working through the energies of 2022 together, deepening our understanding of how the tarot can be used in our daily life.

The download includes:

- Suggested spreads for your own cards

- Tarot journal to reflect your insight

- Writing prompts with intriguing questions!

You will also be added to the Mystic Babes newsletter* that is only available to those working through the book. I add more insight and ritual suggestions to deepen spiritual practices in alignment with the cards, moon phases and seasons.

Join us in the journey!

*Upon purchase, you will be automatically added to the Mystic Babes newsletter.

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages.

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