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Tarot of the Month: January 2022

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Moving On and Moving Forward

Hello Mystic Babes and welcome to a New Year! We begin 2022 with a challenging card within the major arcana, however - it came in reverse. This is a positive omen for smoother roads ahead as we transition from the archetypes of Death (December 2021) to The Tower.

What this means for us is a period of aftermath. Significant changes, shifts and endings now make way for a grand rebuilding and there's plenty of hope and optimism available for us here. However, the Tower is a symbol of structure, society and our household, meaning our very foundations of safety and security have likely been shaken up or forever altered. Where do we go from here?

The Tower is often a harbinger of unexpected or unwelcome change. Consider the lightning strike, the "act of God," that creates rifts in our reality. In reverse, this can mean we see the change coming or we are prepared to embrace the uncomfortable new realities that come from death and rebirth cycles. This is the card of rebuilding and now deciding what fits with our new vision of the future.

The image of the Tower from The Muse Tarot perfectly depicts this feeling of rebuilding. We need to reconfigure the containers in which we find ourselves, including relationships, social structures, and even our own bodies. For most of us, we may be starting from scratch.

The Tower from The Muse Tarot

I also think of our colloquial saying, "building castles in the air," which can have a negative connotation of idle fantasies or grandiose thinking. I challenge you to consider the importance of having a vision for your future. We need moments when we can see a bigger picture and then work toward building a strong foundation of those dreams, brick by brick.

The following energies are clarifiers for this month, pulled from the Tarot.

Positive Changes After Great Difficulty

Transition is the magic word for January 2022, represented by the 6 of Swords. This card is commonly depicted as a family rowing through rough waters and finally catching sight of the shore in the distance. The worst is behind you. A personal challenge or test as been overcome, which doesn't mean the great rebuilding is going to be easy, but it will be for your highest good.

Because we've moved through the Death card last month, these are BIG changes. Major endings and beginnings, huge personal pivots and points of no return.

How can you take care of yourself during this time of transition? Some options are to lower your expectations of how much you can take on right now, particularly in regards to your energy levels. Allow yourself the space to heal and recalibrate. The essence here is slow and steady progress, gentle movement and subtle gains.

Let Go and Embrace the Flow

Our mid anchor of the month is The Hanged Man or Suspension, further emphasizing this transitional and liminal space we're entering. January will feel a lot like a state of limbo, which can either be peaceful or infuriating, depending on how patient you are about a slow recovery. We really need to take our time this month and find our centre, because life will continue to create some upheaval around us. I say this because the Tower, even in reverse, foretells of unexpected developments.

I also appreciate the image of being turned upside down for it offers an opportunity to see our past choices or old structures in our lives from a new perspective. In this suspension, we are called to reflect on our role in these old relationships, occupations, living spaces, everything that once felt safe and secure and has abruptly shifted or ended. In this way, we can shift away from any residual victim mentality toward embracing the spiritual lessons within any obstacles.

How can you allow things to form on their own timeline and let go of the need to push for a resolution?

Make Way for Bold Inspiration!

Here is another hopeful energy coming through for us this month. The Knight of Wands follows a period of suspension with a spontaneous fever dream of inspiration. We can expect a surge of increased energy, inspiration, passion and purpose. Creative revelations that come forward this month can alter our paths in significant ways.

Consider this energy a catalyst. Whether it finds you through a grand idea, unexpected opportunity, or a youthful person that ignites your passion, this energy plays an important role in defining that vision of what you're building and striving for. Stay open and receptive.

An Invitation to Go Deeper

My MYSTICA Tarot Almanac is now available in the shop! This digital download is intended to assist you in harnessing the energies of 2022.

The book gives a forecast of this season of Winter and reveals the next two cards for our Tarot of the Month.

Use this book to learn tarot by understanding how the energies present in your daily life. The download includes:

  • Suggested spreads for your own cards

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  • Writing prompts with intriguing questions!

Vibe: Moving On and Moving Forwardrwardwardardrddlmanac Vibe:

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages.

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