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Tarot of the Month: July 2021

A new vision and way of being in the world is born. Here is the latest tarot card in the 12 Moons Tarot deck and our archetypal theme that influences us now. We see the feminine unfolding in exaltation. The sacred geometry within the Flower of Life points to the fabric that unifies all living things and the astrolabe - a model of the universe - is here to pinpoint the position of the sun and other stars. We know our place, we feel our purpose, our destiny is about to be revealed.

As many of us are enduring a prolonged and historic heatwave across Canada, it struck me on how interesting the timing of this oppressive weather system is. It feels like an initiation, a birth of a new Self as we travel between the energy of last month's card (The Devil) to The World.

We don't take the steps between these two major arcana lightly. It requires a struggle and release as we integrate and surrender to a new way of life. The previous month would have challenged you by showing you areas where you've acted from fear, shame or pride. You likely brushed up against temptation or found yourself in the middle of acting out, creating chaos or projecting your shadows on others in unchecked judgement, criticism or downright hostility. The Devil is a rite of passage and an invitation to move through illusions and take radical responsibility for the pain in our lives. Some meaningful phrases here for you are:

  • Release from the Bondage of Self

  • Ending the Belief in Separation

  • Owning Our Personal Darkness

  • Reclaiming our Power and Responsibility

Now we enter a new initiation, The World. Consider this the fruits of our labour, the energy of cause and effect, reap and sow, and the culmination and integration of all events. We have passed the test.

The World is an end and also a beginning. It is a messenger of a period of personal triumph and achievement. Consider this a celestial congratulations. You've survived the darkest of days. You have endured the painful separation, division, loneliness and behaviours that do not serve your highest good. Prepare yourself now for a radical and positive shift. A new era awaits you. The following energies are clarification of the collective experience that will unfold this month.

New Portals Open for Romance

My initial feeling surrounding this collective reading is a message for those who are already in union and who have endured a tremendous amount of pressure, challenge and strain on their relationship over the last fourteen months. As you will read further below, the cards that came forth were a masculine and feminine court card (representing two people) and the Sun in between them, so there is a strong energy around tender connections, compassion and moving forward to set foundations for your future together. Symbols of positivity, new beginnings, children and revival speak to a reunion, reconnection or deepening of commitment, particularly in the month of August.

Read more about the Understanding the Court Cards or the Feminine and Masculine in Tarot, particularly if you're in a same-sex union.

A special message for lovers.

Focused Direction on Your Goals

The Knight of Pentacles is a character that is steadfast, hard-working and determined. This masculine character is either a loyal partner or a signal of a new love interest entering your life. Knights are also messengers with a call to action or an inspiration to fortify your choices around a new direction. You are asked to develop these characteristics of the Knight within yourself. Be diligent and focused, grounded and even a little stubborn about your belief in yourself and what you want to achieve.

The energies of this month will pull your focus toward a methodical, strategic obtainment of your material goals with an emphasis on your career, physical well-being and home life. This messenger is all about levelling up our belief about our worthiness for abundance and success. Last month required some soul searching about our personal values and if we are in alignment with those. It was an opportunity to take a step back and question if we like the road we are taking. You are now course-corrected and have a clearer vision of your next indicated step. Take action, and if this Knight within you is being mirrored as a wonderful partner in your life, trust they are in it through thick and thin. Show them some love and appreciation.

Relief and Brighter Days Ahead

The Sun is a massive celestial blessing and one of the most positive cards of the major arcana. Matched with The World, it signals a smoother road ahead and a spiritual renewal that brings hope and optimism into your life. Both of these cards speak to significant life events or periods of a massive shift, so we are experiencing so much more than the lightness of summer celebrations and reunification. Our soul is opening us up and this new light is the spiritual awakening that causes us to glow from the inside out, to feel gratitude down to our bones and an open heart that is ready for the vulnerability, expansion and liberation that both of these cards symbolize. You have every reason to believe that anything is possible because now that you're coming to alignment - it truly is.

Because The World is the number 21, I have a strong feeling that the events of this month will characterize and define this entire year. The plot twist, the grand event, the moment that changed everything - that's the energy I'm feeling around these cards. Something major is about to be healed or revealed that makes way for a personal renaissance. Destiny unfolds and is written in the stars. Here is your big moment.

A new version of you is ready for prime time.

Utilize these energies by being diligent (like the Knight of Pentacles) about your rituals around meditation and gratitude. No joke - these powerful practices will help level up your personal power reserves and help you manifest miracles by focusing all your intention on what blessing you already have here and now. We have a lot of darkness and dust to shake off our boots, so don't skip this suggestion - we want you shining bright, not flickering like a burnt out bulb. Affirm what is already here so you may receive more.

Discernment & Crystal Vision

The Queen of Swords is an inspired character and a positive omen for those who work in the world of publishing, marketing and communications. She is a feminine character who is completely in her power, who understands why she's here, what she has to offer and what is required of her to meet her goals. Pay attention to the women in your life that show you the way. The mentor, the coach, the teacher, the creator... Honour the wisdom they share with you and recognize that you are now being initiated and called to become one of these fierce and unrelenting visionaries.

This character outside of you is here to show you all that you can become and will help guide you as you unfold and expand the vision you've held for yourself. You will realize how little you've asked for, how small you've kept yourself previously. That's no longer the way forward for you now.

If you've done the work last month and took advantage of your personal curriculum that revealed to you areas where you are still defaulting your personal power, it is now time to step into a deeper version of yourself and use the lady's sword to cut ties with all that no longer serves you. Drop the unnecessary burdens, the misplaced loyalties, the toxic shame, resentment and blame, and the fears around what is not possible for you. Shake it off. There is no holding you back from the brilliance of what is meant for you now. Suit up & show up for it!

* * *

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time.

I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages here.

You can find more of me on instagram here: @Lindsey_McNeill_Writer.

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