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Tarot of the Month: March 2021

March brings in some much needed personal liberation and forward momentum. The Chariot is a major arcana that speaks to swift and powerful forces of nature, a mighty wind at our back that propels us into the 4th dimension of our future and destiny.

The symbol of the horse is an archetype of spirit fully alive, awakened and unstoppable. Dive in to your own fortification practice. Physical power is achieved through regular exercise. Focus is achieved through through a disciplined practice of meditation. This is where we obtain our strength and stamina to handle any terrain that should be revealed. These are areas of utmost importance for you this month.

I sense a release from restrictions and barriers will be felt. In alignment with the upcoming spring solstice, feelings of excitement, join and re-joining the herd. This has been a long dark winter. There is much to celebrate coming in very soon. Read more below.

The Collective Reading: Themes and Energies Coming Forward

Collaboration, Connection and Support

The 3 of Pentacles points to a presence of supportive energies around you. Consider the tripod, a sturdy base for you to move forward. I would suggest finding these three grounded people who have your back, because you will be taking on new territory this month. This card also points to work situations or projects where people are coming together, to pool their talents and resources in order to create something bigger than themselves. When you connect, you expand your creativity and influence, making endless possibilities for positive change. Keep an eye out for this group and pay attention to any nudges around joining a creative team.

Clarity - an "Ah-ha" Moment

Much like a strike of inspiration, I see a major idea coming down from above that draws some lines in the sand for you. The Ace of Swords is a tool of protection, a symbolic nod that you have been given the nod to charge and conquer, and also a brilliant and sharp edge that cuts through bullshit, lies and illusions. This is the Sword of Truth and it brings you a message. It could be "I don't have to do this anymore," or a call for more boundaries, for the sword is also about communications. You may be cutting chords, asking for what you need, or experiencing a shift in perception that opens many doors for you.

Letting Go of Grief

There is sadness and then there is endless suffering. Anguish has kept you stuck and safe in a very small world. If you're willing, this month can snap you out of the personal darkness (note the fortification practice, exercise and meditation are crucial right now). Life is about to shift and these feelings will too, if you are willing to change. You've been ruminating too much on what hasn't happened yet, on what was lost or what will never be. Acceptance is the key to your freedom and part of that is knowing when to let go and move on. The 5 of Cups is a heavy heart, an experience of being all alone in the world and yet failing to see what remains. Hope is the light that has hit the horizon. Love, connection and personal freedom are available for you now, if you only drop the poison, turn toward the sun and walk forward.

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