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Tarot of the Month: March 2022

This is a continued journey through the Big Mysteries within the Tarot. Twelve cards from the major arcana were selected in 2021 and are revealed each month, paving our collective path through a story of spiritual awakening.

What is awakening this month:

Creativity, Change and Speaking Our Truth

A radical shift has taken place in our world. Many of us have emerged from a time of retreat and reflection last month to be struck with shock and horror at the presence of yet another unjust war. Many of us are empaths and so we feel the energies around us. Turmoil is palpable and for those of us watching from safe places, the feeling of anger, guilt and utter powerlessness can activate old wounds or fuel new fears. More than ever, we need a spiritual solution. We cannot survive this world without one.

How divinely timed is our Tarot of the Month: Strength.

Strength, from my upcoming oracle deck.

This is a message of spiritual transcendence, about the force of love and the resilient human heart. It calls us to be a vessels of peace within our own jurisdictions. It warns us to not succumb to primal urges of fear or self-righteous anger that could create harm. For all that is, all that comes up and all that we are presented with, we're asked to respond with love.

See the union here between the maiden and the lion? This symbolically represents the cosmic connection between divine feminine energy (receptivity) and raw power. The woman is traditionally depicted in the tarot with an infinity symbol above her head, telling us her soul is eternal. She has no need to dominate or diminish anyone else. She does not waste her energy convincing fools of her cause. Great beasts lay at her feet because of her openness, her light and her nourishment.

This card appears at a time when we must assess our motives, actions and intentions.

Do my actions contribute to peace? Is this kind? Is this necessary? Is this compassionate? Most importantly, how do we answer these questions when looking at our relationship with ourselves and our bodies?

Art by Zen Master, deviant art.

For this month's tarotscope I felt directed to pull from the Amenti Oracle, designed around the principles of Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of truth, justice and order. Instead of relying on the tarot to forecast our experience, these offerings give us a cosmic ideal to work toward. I trust that if you are here reading this, these will be profoundly meaningful for you.

The following energies are clarifiers for this month, pulled from the Amenti Oracle deck by Jennifer Sodini and Natalee Miller.

I am Forgiving

There is no better card in the tarot that displays the heart of forgiveness more than Strength. Forgive yourself for actions you have made out of fear or a need for certainty. Listen to the gentle whisper to let go of harms caused so that you can be untethered from the past and make space for new love and friendships. In the realm of spirit, all enemies or obstacles are reflections of ourselves that we cannot accept. How does this premise change a situation that is causing you heaviness?

Remember that love is unconditional. Relationships are not. You are free to forgive and let go of the story, while also honouring your need to walk away.

I Invoke Laughter

Here is the medicine. In times of great uncertainty, we can become flooded with perfectionism or take our failings far too seriously. When we cannot control the forces in our world, many turn to controlling ourselves, falling prey to self-loathing, criticism or catastrophe. Where can we live in the present moment and lighten our hearts, healing the habit of fear? Where can we see the victories in life or even in the stories of resistance?

Be part of the healing and be vigilant of our tendency to reach for or create our own chaos. From the Amenti Oracle:

"To invoke fear is to dishonour the virtue of laughter and live in a lie of our own creation... If we find comfort in creating fear, we must ask ourselves where the root of this ego-based lie lives."

Are we contributing to peace in our own minds, homes and communities? If not - what is the payoff of playing the part of the antagonist? The victim? The martyr?

I Care for the Earth

Many souls on this planet are calling in the presence of divine feminine power, the ancient wisdom and energy depicted in this card. To love something is to know it deeply, to cherish it and honour it. When love is present, courage rises. So does our vibration. That's why love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Imagine our world if truth, connection, and nourishment was held in great reverence instead of greed, domination or competition? What could be possible if people were more in their hearts, full of self-love instead of scarcity and attention-seeking? What would happen if we were all willing to protect each other, not only our communities, but our planet and the lives of people we may never meet? Much of the discord we see now stems from fear and desperation, clinging to ways of life that will not sustain us. How do we create the new?

Plant seeds. Foster life. In all forms of what this may mean for you, tend to the garden and claim the spirit within yourself to rise in greater expansion. Hold your vision of what is possible. Nourish yourself and your family and your community. The world needs your light.

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages. If you're signed up for my monthly newsletter, there are more messages to be found.

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