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Tarot of the Month: May 2021

The Moon marks a time of magic, phases of growth (seed, germinate, break forth, bloom) and of a deep look into our psyche to confront places of our own darkness. The Moon casts long shadows. It illuminates truth from another perspective. When this is our major arcana of the month, we may experience a lot of duality, confusion or conflict. Whatever we see, already exists within us. Watch out for your projections! Remember the Moon does not produce its own light, it reflects.

Under the sign of Taurus, this Moon will be a gentle reconnection with a grounded energy, the magic underneath the surface that creates remarkable changes. Here are the primary areas of this personal growth for us this month:

Heart Opening Connections

One of the first energies is the 10 of Cups, which is the mark of emotional fulfillment, the happy family, and the brightest dawn after the darkest night. Cups rule our heart, so I see a lot of joy and reconnection coming through for us this month.

Because we're living under Taurus, I also see this big love energy around the home, the Mother, our lineage and ancestors. I see a lot of communication between yourself and a close feminine character, even with those who have passed into the spiritual realm. This person is protective angel around you and you will experience a divine knowing in ways that they live through you.

To harnesses this ultimate happiness, ask what really nourishes me? Bring all of that into your life. Gardening, cooking, being in nature, connecting with your loved ones in any way possible.

Be Patient in Your Transformation

The Moon waxes and wanes, and as such you will be experiencing more of those phases in your own life, energy and body. Be grateful that your body can expand and contract in support of your life changes. Honour that your energy has its own rhythm and do not force yourself to be anywhere than where you are. Most importantly, have no expectations that you're an endless supply of fuel or feel good - for you or anyone else.

I see a major transition period occurring for you with the Six of Swords, a movement from pain and trouble and strife, but you need to be patient with the process. The Moon is a feminine energy. This means intuition and receptivity, allowing yourself to disappear a little bit and have people wonder about you while you undergo this magnificent healing. Retreat, spend time in water with epsom salt, candles and set your intentions. Then wait.

For some of you, there is a special message about a new door to romance opening wide. Whether a reconnection in a current relationship or a new person about to arrive, trust that the waiting is essential time for preparation. Do not rush into anything not meant for you. You and your partner both need this deep development time. A deeper love and commitment is right around the corner.

Seek and Study to bring Spirit into Your Work

The Angel Metatron is a special messenger around the 3 of Pentacles, which speaks to collaborations, work and collective energies in projects or construction. Explore your options, open your third eye and research what is possible for you. Spirit is nudging you towards a remarkable path so it's important that you honour those intuitive messages or synchronistic happenings.

Spirit will be behind any work you put your energy into, so consider it your ministry. How do you create sacred space in your home? How is your website or place of business your altar to welcome the principles of love and truth in all you do? I see a major VICTORY here for you when you start following the flow and working in tandem with your spirit guides around how you show up in the world and assist others through love and service.

* * *

Thank you for reading the monthly forecast. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages here. Be sure to follow me on instagram at @Linz.mcneill for more. XOXO

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