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Tarot of the Month: May 2022

This is a continued journey through the Big Mysteries within the Tarot. Twelve cards from the major arcana were selected in 2021 and are revealed each month, paving our collective path through a story of spiritual awakening. What is awakening this month:

On The Precipice of Transformational Change

Earlier this year I redesigned this card to shift from the confrontation with a higher self to one of the Divine, the All That Is. There is such a profound synchronicity to these creative callings for me and often I don't understand it until I'm in it - and I am now. If you are drawn here, I know that you too will be confronting the biggest spiritual questions and shifts of 2022 in the month of May.

Our Tarot of the Month is Judgement. This tarot card symbolizes our confrontation and acknowledgement of Source. In many pathways, we will be shown our temporal nature here and the immortality of our soul as we begin to see beyond the veil and make contact with the spiritual realm. Here we stand on the precipice of life and death. We hear a deeper call. One that must be answered.

In many original tarot decks, this card is shown with the angel sounding the trumpet, awakening the dead from their slumber to rise and walk again. Thus this card is about resurrection, renewal and profound healing. It can also be the call to honour our true self and power - to claim our true face as instruments of the divine. It can also be a reminder that as we close our eyes in this world, we open them in a new one.

When this card appears, it's a wake up call. Remember who you really are and what you came here to do. It's the major life event, golden opportunity or challenge that appears to show you what you're made of. Nothing will be the same afterward - how could it be?

And because it is relevant for me, this can also be a time of profound pain and loss. In my creative depiction, I see myself in the character before the expanding universe asking the question why? Why this? Why now? I am reminded of a very spiritual contact I had many years ago when I had asked this very question and a voice answered, "because pain brings you closer to God."

If you're in it, the collective energies unfolding for us in May will help you to keep going through it and get to the other side. Here is our collective journey, as channelled through tarot:

Moon Cycles & Going Within

When the darkness settles around us, we begin to rely on other senses to find our way forward. In dreams or intuitive nudges, we touch the unknowable. Our soul speaks through symbols, colour and feeling. This is a deeply spiritual time that will strengthen your psychic abilities and remind you that there is more magic in the mundane than expected. Consider your relationship to the night, the dream time and your soul. Ponder the Moon and her cycles of rest and expansion, death and rebirth, presence and reflection. Slow down to notice in which phase you belong.

Profound Heart Healing

A presence of the Archangel Raphael in the cards speak to an expansive opening of the heart and deep love connections. In the presence of the All That Is, miracles can take place. Portals open, transformation occurs and the soothing waters of forgiveness remove any obstacles we have in the way of embracing the joys of life. These portals open in our heart when we fall in love and also when overcome with grief. Whichever is occurring, this situation is blessed, overseen and destined to be.

Feeling Stuck or Held Back

A lack of personal freedom is found in this month. Whether you are tied to a circumstance you cannot control or escape from, or feel the lack of personal motivation to move forward, this challenging time will push you to the edge. We can feel powerless in these times and the weight of our reality can feel quite oppressive. The whispers of past can resurface and have us believing that we don't have a choice or we don't have any power. That is not true. We must instead focus on what is within our circle of control and take it one step at a time.

If the turmoil is outside of you and the upheaval is causing a complete stand still - slow down and surrender to it. You will not miss out or be left behind. Pay attention to how you may contribute to making the situation worse by getting caught in emotional angst or not reaching out for help and ask yourself, is this happening to you or is it just happening?

Dive Deeper with MYSTICA - in the Shop

To honour my own need for healing, personal tarot readings will be on hold again. However, you can still work deeper with the Tarot in my latest digital download, the Spring issue of the MYSTICA Tarot Almanac.

This spiritual offering reveals the cards pulled for April - June 2022 with deeper insights, tarot spreads and writing prompts for reflection. You can work with the previous month and also work ahead to what is coming next month. If you don't have your own tarot cards, you can still do the reflection questions directly in this fillable pdf or in your own notebook. Download here.

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages. If you're signed up for my monthly newsletter, there are more messages to be found.

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