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Tarot of the Month: November 2021

When the days become darker and we move toward winter, the growing shadows and natural endings can trigger many points of pain. I experienced the Parting of Ways influence of last month as deep sadness and separation from aspects of myself and my way of being that can no longer be. I didn't expect grief to be such a part of the Lovers, but there it was just the same.

A reflection on The Lovers influence from last month and what we may be healing from.

It makes sense to me now, for every choice has a consequence and if our journey to love and wholeness is easy, then we're not in the thick of life enough. Take a breath and release any heaviness in your chest. Remind yourself that if we are following the call of our heart, we also need to listen and honour the ways in which it's been broken and in need of healing.

If you found yourself last month enduring a few dark nights of the soul, you're not alone. The shadows are often initiations into greater phases of love, presence and manifestation, but often we're called to test our commitment before things shift.

And so The Star appears in this night. A guide post, a true north, a miracle. She brings a message of renewed hope and celestial connection. When we cross into her influence, we can expect our days to include a positive turn of events, divine opportunities, and a physical revival in our spiritual and sensual natures. A dream is about to come true. Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel. Read below for the collective tarotscopes and how the Star will manifest for you now.

Find Your Centre

This is first a message of your inner strength, courage and brave heart, for I suspect you've forgotten just how powerful you are. The Strength card came forward as a clarifier, hidden among the other influencers, so let's invite it forward.

You can survive this. You have everything you need. You will find support in your quest.

I read this card placement as a clue to feelings of overwhelm, hiding your brilliance, offerings or spiritual knowing. Your sense of strength may at times feel buried in the chaos around you. You're still here. You've just been knocked off centre.

The 2 of Pentacles came forward with the 8 of Pentacles and 8 of Cups. I see the tension and instability between forces that are moving you forward to your future and also the pain of leaving something - or someone - behind. As I mentioned previously, the parting of ways requires a choice and in making a decision, we often have to grieve what will never be. Our life rarely goes according to plan. Our chosen profession, person or our own individual personas are likely to not fit when we come into greater spiritual awakening and healing. Our true calling and destiny requires a sacrifice. How serious are you?

If you want true love - can you settle for this? If you want to feel alive - can you part with your comfort zone? If you want to be a professional ____, are you willing to accept what is required of you?

You can reconnect to your spiritual energy through prayer, meditation, creative expression, gardening, journaling, and music. The Star is a vessel for all artistic pursuits and is the bridge between two worlds. Reach out to your soul, remember who you are, and you will be able to better handle the intensity of these times and emotions that arise from it.

Lead the Way Forward

Within you is a mission that only you can accomplish. You feel this, but you may be wondering what it is - what offering, service or purposeful destiny calls to you? All you need to know is what the next step is and take it now. You don't need to be certain of the journey - in fact, let me break it to you... it's not meant to be clear and it won't be.

Your powerful presence is required and it's time to take a leap forward and trust your own authority. The Emperor and The Fool is often a message of starting your own business or leading a significant project, combining forces of structure and strategic planning with an open heart being led by the universe. This may mean going back to school, applying for a new job, stepping into the director's chair, or teaching a course. You - front and centre of your own life, that is the call of the Star. Remember, you must balance required action and make space for the unknown. Being able to decipher between what is yours to control and what you must surrender to requires a deep reliance and faith in spirit, so foster it! The Star offers that connection, but you must reach out and ask for it.

I see the Page of Wands and The Tower are here as clarifiers, which can speak to a choice made last month to follow your heart and pursue what lights you up. Unleashing your creative potential leads to endless possibilities, but could mean walking away from what is known, stable or reliable. Your creations can topple empires! You may also confront structures that hold you back and keep your creative soul in the dark in exchange for a paycheque, for what is "reasonable", "productive" or "acceptable" in our capitalist society. You may be challenging your own beliefs about what is possible for you, what "work" looks like and how alignment with spirit needs to be the true foundation for which you build from. However this shows up for you, you're being asked to forge, not follow.

Stay Determined and Consistent

The best way forward is slow and steady. The Knight of Pentacles is a message of hard work paying off, but not always seeing the fruit of your energy and effort. You need to keep moving.

For some of you, I see a painful separation with an Earth Sign or the end of a relationship that you hoped would provide stability and longevity. This ending is likely intensified by your past experiences and is a catalyst for great healing. The 3 of Swords in this context is an unexpected disappointment and the understanding (remember swords = truth, knowing) of what you need to let go of within yourself. Your clarifier is the 9 of Pentacles, a beautiful reminder that your own company is better company. I see a dramatic shift in acceptance around this ending that will actually free you and foster a deeper sense of self-love, gratitude and appreciation because you chose yourself! You can flourish in your own sensuality and feelings of love, and you will.

For others, the Knight shows us a path of moving towards your creative goals and suffering through the drought of the desert. You keep going, but why? There's no nourishment here,

no guarantee, no reassurance of victory and your heart begins to break for your crushed hope and dreams. Don't give up before the miracle happens! The energy of the Star is a divine opportunity emerging and a renewed sense of purpose. The Magician appears to fortify your resolve that you have the power to make anything possible! Focus on doing the work, building your craft, learning everything you can. Keep going. There is a magical alignment taking place. Expect your miracle.


* * *

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time.

I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages.

You can find more of me on instagram here: @Lindsey_McNeill_Writer.

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