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Tarot of the Month: October 2021

The energy of Libra season is coming through very strong in our Tarot of the Month and in the clarifying cards for the collective energies of October. I felt compelled to redesign this card in my 12 Moons tarot deck, to reflect the spiritual pathway that is so much more than soulmates and sacred union. The Lovers card is about being in a state of love and allowing that force to come to you and through you freely. This card appears for us when we unlock our personal power and get out of our own way. Feeling love for yourself, your life, all the possibilities and connections that light you up, that's what you are called to embrace now.

The Lovers card has also been referred to as "The Parting of Ways." As such, you may find yourself making important choices that will alter the course of your life. This can be a decision to follow your true calling, to open yourself up to a new relationship or to say goodbye to influences that have been draining your power and energy.

This card also appears with its perfect astrological partner. Libra is a sign ruled by Aphrodite, a divine feminine power that is in love with love. This energy makes us absolutely irresistible to people and magical opportunities. Libra also symbolizes the pursuit for perfection, finding a balance of effort and ease, and represents signed contracts and marriage. It's very likely you will find these themes playing out in your waking life.

Most importantly this month, remember the deepest partnership you can be in is between your own soul and your Creator. How can you foster this important connection and make a commitment to live in alignment with your deepest desires? Read more below for our October Tarotscopes to clarify the energies coming forward for you this month.

Validating Our Place in Relationships

It amazes me how much Libra energy has come through the clarifying cards. The Six of Wands appears in our collective reading again this month, a symbol of victory and acclaim, but here we are celebrating our achievement of balancing the energies of give and take. The Six of Pentacles is a major relationship card that tells us to keep this dynamic in mind. You will be given opportunities to make the right choices - whether that's honouring yourself and not being available to what drains you or taking more of an active role in serving others and feeling good about our place in the world. Focus on surrounding yourself with others who validate you and your experience - even if they don't agree with you! Allowing yourself to be seen, heard and supported will help you achieve great things.

Allowing Support and Connection

The first thing I see in the King of Pentacles and Temperance is a sign to heal your relationship with receiving material support. Those of us on the spiritual path can project negative beliefs onto money or prosperity, that we can't be of purpose and paid at the same time. Not true! This distortion can also show up in relationships as a die-hard refusal to allow anyone to help us or pick up the bill. Are you blocking people from showing up for you and offering their energy, money or time? Do you fear losing your sense of self in relationship and thus hold everyone at a distance? Pay attention to how you may be blocking love from your life, particularly if you're healing from giving too much of yourself in the past. You may have tipped the scales far too much in the other direction!

Pay attention to who is offering support to you right now. Someone you know is very practical, down-to-earth and reliable. This person genuinely has your back and wants to help - so let them. A masculine earth sign is emphasized.

Discover Why You Are Here

God I love this card combination! The Star with The Hermit with The Lovers under the sign of Libra?!? HOT DAMN! The whole universe is conspiring to help you bring your powerful-ass soul to the table and to do what you came here to do. Now is the time to share yourself, to be visible and radiant, to pursue your secret wish and powerful destiny. I know this can feel like a tall order, but there is so much spiritual energy with these BIG THREE major arcana cards that all emphasize the need to honour yourself as a spiritual being.

This is also a message that we receive this clarity of vision and action in fostering time alone. The Star and the Hermit point to the importance of meditation and ritual, self reflection, journaling, all of the spaces in the dark for the unknown to reveal itself. Libra also loves any practice that feel luxurious and self-indulgent to please the senses. Pursue beauty and appreciate your body.

Portals are opening and your guides are waiting. You'll receive the direction you need when you get still and quiet enough to hear them. Time to open your heart and catch fire.


* * *

Thank you for reading my monthly forecast on the energies influencing us at this time.

I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages.

You can find more of me on instagram here: @Lindsey_McNeill_Writer.

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