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Tarot Spread: Embracing Vulnerability

Here is a tarot spread I created with a series of writing-prompts to follow, to help you connect with the softest side of your soul.

Vulnerability can feel like a four-letter word or a condition of weakness for many of us, even when we talk a good game about the virtues of whole-hearted living. The real deal is it's uncomfortable at best and a maelstrom of anxiety and pain at worst. Here is where Tarot and the spiritual archetypes can come in to be a source of strength for us.

In this tarot spread we're looking for an archetype, a symbol of strength. An archetype is best described by a philosopher Philo Judeus who used the term Imago Dei, meaning aspects of the Divine accessible to man (The New Language of Symbols, David Fontana). This is what we're searching for within ourselves.

For this tarot spread, you will first separate all the major arcana (Judgement, Temperance, the Lovers) from the deck. This card presents us the influence we are most aligned with. Select your first card from this major arcana pile. The remaining cards hold court cards and suits of power. From this deck, select cards 2 and 3. Read the writing prompts below to help you through the tarot spread.

Position 1:

This is the aspect of the divine you are most connected to at this time. This is the pathway to vulnerability. What is shown here may surprise you, but trust the answer. Journal on what your first impressions are. Here are some things to consider:

  • Notice the number on this card, 0-22. Where are you placed on the path of experience? Are you in the beginning of the journey, the mid-point or the mastery?

  • What is the essence of this card? What are you being initiated into?

  • How can you embrace the symbols shown on this card in your everyday life?

  • What does this card show you about vulnerability or your experience of it?

Position 2:

Here are looking for clear answers and images.

  • What story is being shown to you?

  • What is the expression of the character's face?

  • What impressions do you receive?

  • What is the relationship between this card and the major arcana in position 1?

Position 3:

Here you are looking for colours, numbers and symbols.

  • What element is shown (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)

  • What suit (Wands = Creative, Cups = Emotions, Earth = Energy, Swords = Communications)

  • Can you find a symbol to bring with you? Perhaps find a token or draw a picture, place this item at your alter or keep it with you.

The biggest thing you want to do with this spread is trust what you receive. If it doesn't make sense, write about that - don't pick other cards. What comes forward is exactly what you need to know. When in doubt, place yourself in the picture. What are you being shown about how comfortable you are with vulnerability and what it feels like? That may give you more answers.

Enjoy! And if you feel like sharing the spread and what you've discovered about yourself, post the photo on instagram and tag me at @linz.mcneill! I'd love to see your unfolding story.

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