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Tarotscopes: April 2019

Scream Queen B Tarotscopes April 19. Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck.

A full moon in Libra is coming up on April 20th which brings to light the shadow side of our relationships and how we behave within them: what we allow and what we get away with. What Libra is often called to experience is boundaries, so expect to be challenged to speak up for yourself, stand in your power and also, taking a deeper look at how you permit your image and what others think of you, to run the show. Expect to be a little uncomfortable (or a lot if you're full moon sensitive) and be mindful of your self care around this time.

Here are the specific cards pulled for your astrological sign this month:


2 of Cups

Divine Union and declaration. Soulmate connections, a serendipitous romance or the deepening of connection through commitment or marriage, the 2 of Cups mirrors our feminine and masculine selves coming together. As within, so without. Pay attention to this sweeping love energy coming into your life now.

TAURUS 10 of Wands

The completion of an arduous task, project, degree or career. You've made it through some challenging energies that required all of your focus, broke your back and now you're likely feeling relief from casting off the duty and responsibility that went along with this. Give yourself a break before you take on anything new. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and celebrate all you've accomplished!


4 of Swords

The answers only come from within when we are quiet and sit still long enough to witness our thoughts. The Ego can sound like an incessant child that wants your attention - so give it. What does it say to you? What is fear and what is desire? What is ambition and what is filling the void? Rest and meditate and you will know the answer.

CANCER 6 of Cups

April will have you following all heart-led connections this month. It's time to reconnect with friends and family, to celebrate and revitalize that child-like part of wonder, play and positive attachment. Your close connections will fill your cups, so be sure to take any opportunity to be around those you love.

LEO Six of Swords

You've sifted through the sharp points in your mind, the beliefs or memories that have caused pain. You can see the connection between your thoughts and your feelings. You now must make a choice to move through the pain or be imprisoned by it. You hold the sword - time to let it go and embrace new ideas about yourself.


The Devil

The depiction of the Devil in this deck is very important, because there is no outside influence controlling you. Your misery is all within your mind. The Devil represents addictions, fears, compulsions and lower energies - those shadow sides of ourselves that derail our path. How have you given your power away? What have you willingly turned a blind eye to? What needs to be brought into the light so you can be free?

LIBRA The High Priestess

You are coming into a deeper sense of power and authority through your intuition and inner resources. Dreams are speaking to you, synchronicity and signs. You are tapped into the Divine Goddess energy and will be asked to lead others - using your own unique gifts - into greater wholeness, happiness and connection. Embrace your feminine know-how, regardless of your gender.


9 of Pentacles

You're sitting pretty this month, surrounded by material abundance, feeling yourself on a new level and protecting your energies like never before. As a result, you gain a confidence and authority within that draws people to you. Your home life, work environment or family is going through changes and transitions to accommodate more space, so allow growth of all kind to bloom around you.



One cycle ends so another begins. Letting go or turning away from the known can be frightening, but it's necessary. The unknown is calling you - calling for greater connection, more resonance, more presence. Whatever is falling away from you now, let it be. Not everyone will cross the bridges with you. Trust whatever you have to let go of will be replaced 10-fold.


3 of Pentacles

Three sides of the triangle, three legs on the tripod to build strength and stability. This is what you're building with your energy now. It's time to walk through the portal - time to level up and push yourself into new territory. What is the legacy you want to build - what do you want to be known for? Time to do it.

AQUARIUS 5 of Swords

Mental sharpness, conflicting ideas and opposing viewpoints are coming to a head. You're feeling the sting of holding the pressure and expectations at bay - just remember you are holding. Create your boundaries with any difficult people and operate with the truth on your side. If you're right, there's no need to argue or battle, lay down your sword and move on.


The Sun

Finally! Your travels through the underworld and your own shadow are now behind you. You've done the work required to shake off the shackles of your past. The Sun is a major life event of hope, renewal and radiance. You will attract new people into your life from this place of positive self-confidence. Happy days are here again. * * *  I used the Mystic Mondays Tarot for this spread. Follow me on instagram @screamqueenb_tarot as I pull cards for general readings.

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