Tarotscopes: August 2019

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

We have the opportunity for some massive self transformation this month, given the planetary energies and the Magician cards flying out all over the place! It's a message for all signs: thoughts turn into things... so are you creating the life you want based on what's going on upstairs? This month's Tarotscopes reveal that our Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra) are all showing particular struggles with needing to master the power of the subconscious mind, as this could derail your power to act this month. If I pulled a sword for you this month, pay special attention and make more positive choices when sliding into negativity.

For the energy of the elements:

  • Earth Signs are experiencing an overall rejuvenation of positivity and new experiences, but will need to let go of the past.

  • Air Signs are being called to take a stronger stance in their personal power and influence.

  • Water Signs will have to prepare for some shocking news, plot twists and sudden changes to their plans as anything not in alignment will be gone baby, gone.

  • Fire Signs are exploring new ground in relationships (2-2-2 Images across the cards) and are stoking the desires for expansion, but have you created the right container for that?

Overall, Earth, Air and Water are going through some mega tectonic plate shifts this month. Fire - you have it a bit easier as this month is in the sign of Leo, but you may experience the same earth-quaking if your partnerships are not solid. Read below for more info on how this month's energies will show up for you.


The Moon

Last month the wheel of fortune turned and blessed you with something you were waiting for. Now the shadows of the moon are long and you are called to meet your inner-self and ask, is this what I really want? Your clarifiers this month are the 3 of Swords and the 6 of Wands - both reversed. You cannot move forward and claim your rightful victory over your troubles without addressing your own heartache. Past pain and trauma is what is bringing you into the moon light, to make you see why you must move through your healing. There's no bypassing this necessary step.


Strength (Reversed)

Spooky virgo - you've received the same card as last month but now it's reversed, so there is something you are refusing to integrate, accept or let go of. This can indicate that our "animal natures" have taken over and we are reacting to life from a more shadowed, primal state. The sun wants to shine upon you and bring you blessings, but you have to master the behaviour that is undermining your power. Your clarifier is the 7 of Pentacles so - how are you pushing through, taking what's not yours and allowing your lower vibrational impulses to rule you because you are not willing to wait for something real or do the work to achieve it?


9 of Swords

When you are stuck in worry or wanting, then worrying about what you want and if it will ever show up, you leak personal power. I feel that many of you are worried about a relationship as your clarifiers are the 6 of Cups and the Ace of Cups. For some of you, this means feeling anxiety over a reconciliation and whether this relationship is going to revive (it will). For others, you could be lost in the past and not paying attention to the new that is showing up for you. Raise your vibration with gratitude for what is - stop paying attention to what was, who you used to be or where you thought you would be by now. There is plenty of reason to be hopeful.


Queen of Pentacles

Whatever you were waiting on last month is going to be revealed now - perhaps in a shocking way. For some this is a pregnancy, a job offer or a large sum of money that you weren't sure was going to come through. When I see this Queen I feel nourishing, grounded energy. Your clarifiers are the 6 of Pentacles and The Star - a wish is coming true! You are going to be offered all that you hoped for.


2 of Pentacles

Congrats Sag, you've mastered some balance in your life and your energies - no longer dipping into the codependent influence of The Devil card from last month. You're likely feeling more of that Earth energy than your own fire, and as your clarifies are the 3 of Wands and the 10 of Wands, you're approaching your life in a more methodical, long-term plan mode instead of the whimsical tumbleweed you've been in the past. I sense that you've achieved some boundaries for yourself, so you no longer need to run. Doing everything on your own is no longer optimal, so feel at peace as you explore this new energy and how it could empower you further.


4 of Cups