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Tarotscopes for August 2020

The Empress was the Major Arcana pulled for Leo Season, aligning with themes of reclaiming personal power and connecting deeply to the wisdom of our bodies. As a result, there are some repeated messages that came from the Collective Reading within 12 Moons - pay attention to these cards making an appearance in your readings, their energies are very strong.

Healing our relationship to our bodies means being more present for emotions that live there. For some of you, this will be an important month for releasing what doesn't serve you. Read below for your Sun sign and how this may show up for you.

For a detailed description of the The Empress and her influence on our lives, download the latest issue of the 12 Moons Magazine.


  • Collective Tarot Reading (5 Card)

  • Tarotscopes for All Signs

  • Learning Tarot: The Empress

  • Suggested Spread for this month.


I see some heartache around your situation, a necessary goodbye or transition brings a sense of grief that is unavoidable no matter how happy your future is. A refusual to release or see this pain is holding you back from clarity on your next steps and you could be plagued with indecision. Come into your heart and offer yourself compassion. Sometimes the best thing you can do is have a good cry.


Inspiration propels you forward and I see a potenial adventure or relocation in the mix for you. You're feeling excited, moving through a rite of passage and leaving a lot of pain behind. A new chapter begins. There is an emphasis on the King of Cups, a potential suitor either Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, or a truly loving masculine energy at your side.


An emphasis on the message from the collective around the 3 of Pentacles for you, but here I feel a sense of finding the support to strike out on your own, create a new business and be your own boss. Lightworkers will experience a deepening of their spiritual power and need to find a mentor to help amplify their potential. If you're ready, the teacher will appear.


The Queen of Swords from the collective reading is emphasized for you - be sure to read about her. Either you or someone in your life is healing addictions, codependency or toxic patterns due to trauma. I see childhood memories or experiences holding the key to how aggressive, masculine energy impacted your development and created blocks to your heart and healing. You benefit greatly from embracing more feminine energy: allowing, receiving, feeling.


This month has immense power to redefine your past wounds and turn them into magic healing for others. The sun in your sign brings you attention, financial boosts and abundance in all areas, and from this place of feeling yourself, you must leave something or someone behind. Your expansion brings closure and completion. You are no longer nourished here - you know intuitively what this relates to. Walking away brings great opportunities to fill the void with bigger and better things.


You've received the Empress and the Star in your reading so wow - major celestial blessings and amplifications around healing your body, the Mother, and your contribution to the world, particularly around work and your energy exchange with others. This is an incredibly healing time, so all of the messages this month mean double for you. A special message around not doing things alone -you're finding your destiny, your soul group and support.


Expect celebrations, soulful connections and inspiration this month. The Empress will be blessing you and you will be feeling the power of the Goddess, particularly around artistic endeavours. There is a new cycle beginning and lots of love surrounding you. The healing around your energy and resources however will bring a challenge. Be mindful of hoarding or holding on to what you don't need. You can afford to be generous, so share your energy with others.


This month encourages you to sit in your power and act upon it. There is a clear message around cutting ties or keeping someone at bay. Conflict and competition is happening around you and you likely feel caught in the middle. Remember you have choices. You will be called to seek more spiritual and esoteric knowledge this month and deepen your connection to the divine. Do not engage with the chaos of others.


You may have been feeling held back, stressed and unable to move forward, but a new venture is about to bring you back into passion and purpose. The 3 of pentacles from the collective reading is emphasized for you, so appreciate the people that are coming into your life. You may not have access to the connection you hoped for, but you are surrounded by the right people for you. Trust the divine widsom that brings you just what you need at the right time.


This is going to be a crazy month for you with major life events, necessary choices and unexpected plot twists. I see a need to make a choice for your best interest that will propel you forward on your destiny. Wisdom comes to you in solitude or from a spiritual advisor, I see work around clearing out your past and reviewing your love relationships specifically. What you've put energy into is not on solid ground and I see new love coming to you only once the faulty towers have crumbled and you've confronted your own shadows. Overall, I think you are healing your relationship to the feminine, confronting issues around the Mother and trust, abandonment, and rejection. Facing these things brings you so much healing.


You're still carrying sorrow from a past relationship that had some unhealthy dynamics. The heaviness of heartache brings forth a feeling of apathy, disappointment and too much focus on what didn't work out for you. This month you must heal your relationship to energy, abundance and finances. Trust that you had to walk away because you want to more balance and equality. Your divine legacy surrounds you, but you can't see the gifts that are being offered. Focus on what is working and you will be astounded by affirmations of how loved you are.


The Queen of Swords from the collective reading is emphasized for you. There is heartache and sorrow attached to this individual, a separation or unfinished business hangs heavy on your heart. This needs to be resolved and let go. There is a divine solution and shift in your life towards this spiritual divine feminine energy that is about to illuminate your path. Your destiny is unfolding and once you heal from the grief, a beautiful and unexpected connection comes forward. Make space in your heart for this new, life-changing love.

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