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Tarotscopes for July 2020

The Chariot is our Major Arcana of the Month, putting an emphasis on a greater sense of confidence, ambition and momentum toward realizing our dreams.

Below are the channelled messages for each astrological sign. I suggest reading your Sun, Moon + Rising sign for most comprehensive forecast.

For more Tarotscopes for this month, and a detailed description of the Chariot's influence on our lives, download the latest issue of the 12 Moons Magazine.


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  • Suggested Spread for this month.


The Hanged Man. Time to stop and see things from a different perspective. You may have to wait before making any life-changing decisions, which may cause some discomfort and restlessness with the Chariot pulling you forward. Trust in divine timing.


Strength. Taming the inner animal, tempering anger or aggression with compassion will be your key to happiness this month. Master yourself and you will be a demonstration to help others.


Queen of Swords. Communicate with care and mindfulness, as others look to you for direction this month. You have an opportunity to lead and create a container for truth and collaborative action, do so with care.


Ace of Pentacles. Something new enters your life this month, a new opportunity or financial offer that opens new doors for you. A favourable time to start a relationship (Earth + Water Sign emphasized).


Page of Wands. The desire to strike out on your own and explore new territory will have you researching your options, finding ways to bring forth your creative energy. A fellow fire sign may also inspire a project or new romance.


Two of Cups. Soulmate connections, love and mirroring devotion, you find yourself matched and on the same page. It's time to answer the call of the universe. Romantic or platonic this relationship is here to revive you.


Four of Wands. It's time to celebrate Libra! I see you surrounded by loved ones and appreciating friends and family, either around a specific event (wedding or anniversary) or by cultivating an attitude of gratitude and feeling deeply connected. Joyfulness is here for you.


Seven of Cups. You may have to take your time making this decision. There are several options before you and the right choice isn't clear. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to decipher what is meant for you. Follow what lights your heart and choose that.


Ten of Wands. You're at the end of a trying time, either a project or feeling the stress of taking everything on yourself. There is a grounding energy for you in an Earth sign, a steady person with a slower pace. Let them show you the way to lighten your heavy load.


Four of Swords. Rest and a retreat is needed for you. You've been indecisive, pulled in a few directions now and you will only receive answers when you back away from the issue and go within. Do not be afraid to take a look at your part. You will have to make a choice, do what's right for you.


Empress. This is a creative time for you, boundless potential for new projects, positive outlets and abundance. Expect the influence of the Chariot to bring you major good vibes and self-esteem. Flaunt what makes you so unique.


Five of Swords. Conflict and a battle of wills, fighting over who is right with no victory either way. It's time to lay down your sword in this situation and admit defeat. This issue is not worth fighting for.

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