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Tarotscopes for June 2020

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The MOON is our theme of 2020, putting an emphasis on inner healing and shadow work.

Here are the channelled messages for all astrological signs and the areas of healing that are coming up for these soul groups.

To learn more about the MOON and its influence over our lives this month, download the 12 Moons Magazine here.


Healing: Burnout, feeling dull and lacklustre. Your inner fire will return when you give permission for your inner child to play. Pay attention to you being the common denominator to your lack of energy and depletion. Where do you need to let go of cynicism, judgement and fear as "rationalities" ?


Healing: Withdrawal, lethargy, heaviness. It is time to wake from a spiritual slumber and discard any behaviour that numb you or bring synthetic comfort. How can you shift from "coping" to creative? Trust in your immense inner strength and stoke the fires of your passions. Chase whatever expands your desire to grow and heal.


Healing: Overwhelm, anxiety, talking to fill empty spaces.An energy of keeping busy just keeps you from yourself. Meditation will offer you much needed grounding and stillness to be with emotions you're avoiding. You are naturally a good listener, a problem solver and very sensitive to others. Offer this kindness to your own heart.


Healing: Being Timid, not asking for what you need/want.A gentle spirit has a message for you this month, offering a path of great inner peace and a deep knowing. Please listen. What is revealed can heal deep wounds over feeling invisible, abandoned and unworthy of love. Remember you are a miracle, just in being here. You have something to offer the world.


Healing: Balancing the Ego.Deciphering between projections and patterns, truth and the unconscious operations: what we do in secret, what goes unnoticed. You are a natural leader and teacher, but you can't transmit wisdom you have not integrated or acquired. Walk humbly and focus on your specific challenges, then you become the master.


Healing: Digestion issues. Self-Acceptance. As within, so without. The body is speaking to you about discomfort that also appears in your relationships and Homelife. What life experiences do you find difficult to swallow or integrate? What do you find difficult to process or let go of? Read Louise L. Hay for any persistent ailments and root-out the beliefs that may cause or contribute.


Healing: Shyness, the unexpressed voice. There is healing that needs to happen between the voice and the heart - an integration that addresses why it wasn't safe to speak the truth or be loud. Playing it safe is no longer optimal and your voice is needed. Singing will help elevate your vibration, doesn't have to be a performance, just something that lights you up.


Healing: Freedom from suffering, past karma. Transformation allows for the past to be a tool, a gift actually, instead of a burden. You no longer have to burn bridges and leave everything behind. An elevated perception or radical acceptance of your part in all problems - or no longer using your history as an excuse to pass on pain - will help you rise from the ashes.


Healing: Insecurity, gossip, letting go of confusion. Speaking the truth in every and all conditions neutralizes drama. Self-reflection and tough questions are required right now. Start with, what is the pay-off of my behaviour? My patterns? What do I focus on instead of keeping in my own lane? Revelations will be profound.


Healing: Stagnation, holding people at an arm's length. When we're at home within ourselves, there is a grounded energy that we bring to all situations. We can allow change, because we know it allows expansion and adventure. We can foster deep connections knowing it enriches our lives. This energy will demonstrate how to be consistent, while also open to a spontaneous detour.


Healing: Being Above Board, fostering a strong sense of self. Ask yourself what "being true" means in your partnerships and romantic connections. Where have you strayed from your commitment and conviction? Do you keep your promises to yourself? Where do you pretend to not have the answers in order to blur boundaries or not be responsible? Avoid trickery and any one-foot-in/one-foot-out behaviour.


Healing: Envy of others, flakey behaviour.The grass is not always greener and if everything is approached with this base level of dissatisfaction, it becomes easy to be impulsive, foolish or to miss out on something real and meant for you. There is no easy button on life. No matter what you see, no one is having an easier time. Tap into your ability to see life as a beautiful mystery and you will begin to appreciate what is in front of you.

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