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Tarotscopes for May 2020


Page of Cups: This is a time of deep healing for you, particularly around your second chakra (healing around sexuality, guilt, shame, creativity). This innocent and sweet energy encourages more truth around what you desire and to allow those desires to come from the heart. A significant spiritual awakening is happening around this for you this month.


5 of Cups: Make space for healing your heart around lost opportunities, loneliness and grief over past sorrows. There is potential for a beautiful transformation for you when you allow this pain to soften any rigidness that comes from control or a fear of change. Beauty can be found within the call of your heart. Appreciate your mystical, sensitive nature.


Knight of Wands: Pay attention to the archetype of the Hunter described above, because you in particular will benefit from this unleashed crusade for your personal treasure. This can be running-to or running-from energy, a purge, a complete annihilation of the unnecessary in order to make room for a more fulfilling life, Be ruthless, allow the claws to come out so you can cut through the BS in your life.


Ace of Wands: The cosmic egg is particular significance for you now as you are taking time to incubate. The tension between the desire to manifest versus your current need to be gentle and still requires balance. A message from your heart awaits you when you meditate. Listen and you will be directed on a truer course of action for yourself.


King of Pentacles: Your relationship with money, energy and spirit will take your focus this month. Slow and steady is the pace of this King, from wisdom of many experiences he knows the true path, Allow yourself to reflect and ground into the deeper truths of life. Collect your personal stories and use them as they are treasures to share with others.


5 of Pentacles: You will be playing out the initial energies of the Collective Reading this month (read above) as it has a particular hook to unlatch yourself from. Feeling cast out, broken or limping in any area of your life must be acknowledged for your personal freedom. When we feel stuck, we lash out. Elevate yourself to the energy of the 7 of Pentacles and know this is a necessary waiting period. Submerge yourself in this experience. Be still. Conserve your energy. You are a silent powerhouse, but now is not the right time to strike.


The Fool: This major arcana energy will be creating a lot of transformation for you in particular. May will be a great shift and opportunities for you to re-emerge from the depths of hiding to share your light with the world, in your own unique way. People feel better speaking to you and receiving your attention. Don't discount how powerful your energy and presence is or how much you are needed. Share your enlightened perception now.


10 of Swords: There is a difference between embracing your story and identifying with your story. Be wary of slipping into old patterns or beliefs while reflecting on what's important to you moving forward. A strong desire to dive deeper into your life can help you be the light we need in dark times. How can you share your compassionate understanding with others now?


3 of Cups: This is a call to shake off the cynicism and doubt in your current situation. Not all is lost, especially when you tap into your true playful nature. Right here and now, you can tap into the boundless joy and contentment available in your circumstance. You can shift your thoughts to those of gratitude and ease. What would life look like if you changed your perception?


4 of Cups: Watch for any opportunity for inspiration to hit you now and don't let it pass you by. Your challenge this month is to check your sense of lack at the door. Feelings of disatisfaction and disappointment could allow the Creative Muse to pass you by. Spirit is trying to bring you something exciting! Don't lose hope!


7 of Pentacles: Frustration and worry over finances is real for you this month. Keep your head down and keep going. Court the spirit of the industrious beaver and just work on what you can, be consistent and steadfast. It's not time to think or worry about your current situation. Do the next indicated step and your work will pay off.


7 of Cups: There is a scattered energy about you, a person who stops and starts many things but doesn't have a clear direction. Your natural charisma charms those into any cause, so what is the purest path for you now? How can you serve humanity? Tap into that unlocked potential and you will thrive.

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