Tarotscopes for November 2020

The Emperor is our theme of the month, a archetype that speaks to authority, leadership and power. As this comes forth under the sign of Libra, we also have to consider this energy being influenced by the scales of Justice, a desire for peace, harmony and collaboration.

This extremely challenging year has brought us grief, fear, and loss for our greatest good - to help focus our attention on what matters. Our mission this year is to heal our relationship to our own energy, our relationship to our own power! It’s time to reclaim and remember who we are. The Emperor is here to assist us.

For a detailed description of the Judgement and the influence on our lives, download the latest issue of the 12 Moons Magazine.


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The Knight of Wands speaks to a spark of inspiration finding you this month, either within or manifested in a lover or younger friend. This energy was a clarifier around celebration and soulmates. Pay attention to who stirs you this month.


Perfectionism is a tendency that drains your energy, particularly if you are hell-bent on doing everything yourself. Do you see stress or burdens or the “back breaking work,” as a badge of honour. It is time to get clear on how this undermines you.


Scarcity mentality can show up around finances or manifest in a miserly way of keeping your energy or resources to yourself. There is a difference between being appreciative over what you possess and identifying too much with the material world. Where can you be more generous?


There are wounds that have not healed, betrayals that follow you through life no matter how far you’ve tried to run from them. Be with them for a moment. Who needs your forgiveness so that you can be free from these hauntings of the past?


Communications are coming in swiftly, information may overwhelm you and knock you off balance. Pay special attention to the message around the 2 of Pentacles in the collective reading. Unexpected news is likely to give you the information you need to walk away from what you’ve invested in.


Something new arrives this month in the material realm, either a new job or a financial boost. You may have to juggle this new responsibility with what you already have, so try to stay grounded this month and count your blessings.


Soulmate connections and the path of destiny is unfolding. You will feel a sense of purpose and passion that has felt dormant for some time, a victory over personal darkness and trial and tribulations. Celebrate your good fortune.