Tarotscopes for September 2020

The Wheel of Fortune is our theme of the month, a fitting symbol as it represents a return to a familiar place to apply new knowledge. Many of you are re-entering the world, yet you are not the same person. The Wheel also means divine timing, opportunity, a second chance to do it right. You will note repeated messages around conflict, karmic patterns and waiting for the right moment to act. Choices you make this month will have a lasting impact.

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7 of Pentacles

You are feeling frustrated with the suspension of action, but now is the time to wait. Keep planting your seeds and doing the next indicated step. You need more rest than you’ve afforded yourself. Trust that things are lining up for you, even when you can’t see anything happening.


The Moon

This is an important time to pay attention to your dreams and the call of your heart. You can’t dictate how things will unfold as something much bigger is taking place than what you can see. Trust your intuition. Get comfortable seeing through the dark. An emphasis on a water sign or romantic partner who brings you deeper into your feelings. 


The Hanged Man

There is something you need to see from another angle or point of view. This may mean you need to retreat and spend time alone or utilize the quieter part of your twin soul in order to get clarity and understanding. The answer you seek is looking for you too. Meditate, be receptive. You will be victorious.


8 of Wands

Destined events unfold. You will be receiving the good news you’ve been waiting for. Part of this will be an invitation or call to adventure, a new start or a relocation. I see multiple offers available, so pay attention to what lights you up the most. Smoother waters are ahead for you. Just say yes.


Knight of Swords

Now is the time to take action, strike while the iron is hot! You are being called to lead and take charge, ushering in a new realm of possibilities and experience. This is your destiny and the events that unfold for you this month will happen very quickly. An emphasis on writing, communications, and higher learning.