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Tarotscopes: July 2019

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

With Vulnerability being the general theme of the month, we also have 6 major arcana cards! That means this month will contain major shifts for many of you, undoubtedly intensified by the 2 eclipses we'll have in July. Hold on to your seats folks, things are going to get moving quick!

Here are the energies that clarify how that will show up for you. Find your astro sign and discover your particular themes and challenges.


9 of Wands

July is going to challenge you to face what is necessary in your life and to cut back on what you don't need. You've brought all you can to a situation and nearing the completion of this project or endeavour. Time for you to harvest the information and lessons learned so it can be a source of strength for you, not stress. The Scythe is also representative of death - knowing what needs to go and what will remain. Time to be discerning and unyielding in protecting your energy at this time.


Wheel of Fortune

Cycles of beginning and ending, divine timing and the completion of a stage of life. You are entering an upswing where you are learning, taking in information and entering new situations feeling green and possibly unsure. Trust that this major shift in your life will bestow the experience you'll need. Synchronistic events play a major role now, pay attention.



We grow in capacity and understanding when we can master ourselves. This means knowing our demons and shadows intimately and keeping them out in the open. Virgos court perfectionism when progress and authenticity is called for. How can you pull off the mask and get real with your mess? If LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe - and it is - how does that change your approach?


Page of Cups

This month will have you dropping into your heart. As the page of cups evokes our vulnerability (a double-whammy as its also the general theme of July), so this month will bring a major shift for you as you embrace what is true and get in touch with what you really need. See how the Page holds the spoon and analyzes what's in her own cup? Time to decide what makes you happy. Time for YOU to come first. Make this your motto and beautiful things will unfold for you.


The Hanged Man

You want to move forward, but "wait" is the name of the game. Things are still falling into place and something missing needs to be revealed while you float in this limbo. Trust in divine timing and allow yourself to rest and be patient, for when you do, you'll find the thing that's truly meant for you.


The Devil

Where are you bound to someone beyond reason? How do you undermine yourself and your power through negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours? The Devil speaks to the illusion of enslavement, so what is holding you back? How have you willingly given your power away in this situation?


The Magician

Time to tap into your magic and manifest the life you want. If something isn't working, it's up to you to change it. If you're repeating negative experiences or finding yourself always drawn to the "wrong people," finding what it is in you that attracts this will bring immense freedom. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for, so use your natural goal-setting talents to bring forth what you are missing within yourself.


4 of Cups

Be mindful of rumination this month and feelings of apathy, disappointment and "why bother" this month. You're not seeing a situation clearly. Feelings of defeat are negatively affecting you, so look for that silver lining. If you're fostering self-pity, replace it with gratitude and see how quickly your situation improves.


The Hierophant

You're being called to learn from the Master this month. Find a coach, spiritual advisor or mentor, someone that understands practical matters and can take you to the next level of your career, love life or healing journey. Whatever you're being called to manifest or develop, you need to seek out someone who has been there before. Let them show you the way.


2 of Cups

Tenderness, soulmate connections and reciprocity is going to be the theme for you. This is a beautiful time to connect to the shared vision for your future. What does your heart desire and how can you share your dream with someone you love? The feeling of being met and matched is very strong.


King of Swords

An idea, creative project or new direction is coming through strong this month. You may find yourself more in your head, planning objectives and seeing the big picture. Allow yourself to be influenced by the energy of goal-setting and strategic thinking. You are the one who can see this endeavour through.


6 of Swords

Last month likely brought up a lot of anxiety or conflict in your life. Now you're moving through it, understanding the friction from another perspective and the road ahead is more peaceful. It's time to steer your thoughts into a more positive direction now and let the past go.

* * *  I used the Santa Muerte Tarot for this spread. Follow me on instagram @screamqueenb_tarot as I pull cards for general readings.

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