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Tarotscopes: October 2019

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I was thrilled to see the Queen of Swords come forward as our theme of Libra season. She is a character within the Air Signs realm (swords = air = communications, inspiration, writing, clarity) and she's also a strong energy, ambitious and determined.

That being said, try to see her as a divine messenger for you this month, as a call to claim more power and wield the sword of truth with unwavering direction. Cut the shit. Cut the chords, the excuses, the subservient behaviour and walk the line of impeccable word and integrity. She's calling us all to aim higher and transform. Read your astro sign below to see how this will show up for you.

* * *


3 of Cups You will receive important news around your passions and creative endeavours this month. There will be plenty to celebrate as you move through your birthday month. Inspiration, friends and excitement surrounds you. The New Moon in your sign on September 28th (and up to five days after) will bring positive omens, invitations and revelations.


7 of Swords

Heed this warning of deception, within or without. Be watchful of any ruminating over the past or having one foot in, one out. You are not the only one with a secret desire. You may find yourself juggling two options or living a double life, which can create many enemies around you. .Court honesty in all that you do.


Knight of Pentacles

It is time you developed a clear strategy around your finances, cut all spending and be clear on what you value. Resources may be tight this month - you may be looking for a job or a new place, as travel can be indicated. Watch your spending and live within your means.


7 of Cups

You don't have as many options as you think you do, but your heart and head tend to be caught in the "what if's" until you feel detached and withdrawn. Let that be old behaviour. Cut through your own bullshit and focus more on how you can give, how you can serve, instead of what you can get. Be generous with your money, your time and your affection.


5 of Swords

Focusing on the spilled cups, not what remains. That's the lesson of this card. Heartbreak, sorrow, or grief can be hard to go through. Your message is to seek out a path that can offer you more structure and substance. Get clear on your purpose and desires and you'll soon understand why it's a blessing you didn't get what you wanted. A mentor brings positive influence.



A part of you has to die in order for a new version of you to come through. Negative beliefs or behaviour has undermined you in the past. Take a look at your patterns and you will start to see what needs to change. Be gentle with yourself while you take an honest look at your good and bad qualities - then feed the wolf (or lion) within you that wants to live.


King of Cups

Your emotional nature comes through this month and you may find your fire tempered by sentiment, sweetness or more of your intuitive qualities. Allow yourself to to dive deeper into the mysteries of love, internal wisdom and your spiritual development at this time. Open yourself to the feminine, either within yourself or without. Seek a teacher, guide or guru.


Ace of Wands (Reversed)

Stubbornness and self-will keeps you held back. You do not know how this will all unfold yet and it's not likely to go as planned. A major part of your life has come to an end and you may find yourself stuck, restless and uncertain. Adopt the qualities of the Queen of Swords: create some goals, a 5-10 year plan, explore what is possible and that wand will righten itself out. Then - magic!


The Devil

Who or what in your life is tempting you? May this be a warning to pull your hand back from the flame as not all is as it appears. Whenever you start believing you don't have a choice, you have given your power away and strayed from your true path. Time to cut out this illusion, whether within or without. A fire sign is someone to watch out for.


3 of Wands

The power to create the life you want is at hand - and romance is on the menu. You are ready to offer more of your heart to your loved ones and the world. Ask yourself how you can bring your soul's purpose into all you do. Keep creating, planning and exploring all potential avenues that light you up. Some of you are making an offer of long term commitment.



You are influenced tremendously by Libra season - I see this being a big month for you to get clear about balance and fairness and not settling for less than you deserve. Trust that you see things clearly, that you are truly victorious. Major opportunities for recognition and praise come forward this month. Soak it all up!


The Moon

Things are shifting quickly here Virgo and you're not likely to see a clear path forward. A stroke of luck or misfortune can have you confused about what to do next. Remember that nothing is truly bad or wrong - just your judgement of it makes it so. And remember the wisdom in times where the road blocked. It gives you the chance to get clear about what's right for you. More shall be revealed soon.

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