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The MYSTICA Tarot Almanac

The MYSTICA Tarot Almanac is my latest creative offering designed for you to learn the mysteries of tarot as we progress through the seasonal changes of 2022.

How I Use the Tarot for Spiritual Guidance

As a professional writer and tarot reader, I'm a fan of big, soul searching questions. Perhaps that's why I'm also drawn into working with the tarot, for the answers don't come easy! Understanding the spiritual messages takes time and practice.

For years I've been using my journal to ask myself questions like the examples below and I also keep a separate journal for my tarot readings, to track the cards I pull and my insight on their meaning. In this way I've been able to deeply understand the mysteries of tarot by noticing which cards appear alongside my daily challenges. The combination of divination and reflective writing has fortified my connection to spirit and to myself.

As part of my spiritual practice, I pull tarot cards for guidance on the year ahead. This helps me to be mindful of the upcoming energies and how to navigate any challenges that may come to be. The MYSTICA Tarot Almanac has been inspired by my own methods and can help you build up your own spiritual muscles.

An Invitation to Go Deeper

Since 2020, I've published our monthly tarotscopes to offer a unique forecast and vision of the future. Similar to the way astrology tells us of the alignment of planets to prepare ourselves for change, the tarot serves us by identifying archetypal energies we will encounter on our collective journey.

Tarotscopes are tremendous fun, but what does it really mean for you? How can you move through the season of The Lovers, or the Wheel of Fortune? How does The Tower present itself in day-to-day life and how do you prepare for such a shocking shift? This will help you understand how to do just that.

If you have a desire to work with these energies and harness their spiritual wisdom, then the MYSTICA Tarot Almanac is an invitation to go deeper.

What's Inside Each Issue of the MYSTICA Tarot Almanac

I have pulled a card for each month of 2022 from the 22 major arcana cards within Tarot. This volume of the almanac will feature the 3 cards of winter.

The information within will help you learn and integrate the lessons of tarot by connecting them to your own experience. The book includes:

  • suggested tarot spreads for each month

  • a tarot journal to record your insights

  • reflection questions to clarify your experience

You can work through the tarot spreads and reflection questions directly in this fillable pdf or in your own notebook. I do suggest that you have your own tarot or oracle cards to work through the book. Is it necessary? No, but you will be better acquainted with the cards if you're breaking-in your own deck.

Fun FYI: All the cards used in the 4 volumes of the MYSTICA Tarot Almanac incorporate my original artwork, which will be featured in my tarot deck coming in 2022.

Why it's Come Through Me Now

I loved producing the 12 Moons Magazine in 2020. It was truly a magical and inspired offering, where the first images of my tarot deck started to come through. It also helped me to stay grounded in a truly challenging year.

In that work, I discovered the profound synchronicity between the cards I pulled in December and the daily life experiences I was going through. It helped me feel prepared for life's challenges and to also see how my personal transformation was mirrored on the global stage.

This year I felt the call to create another offering, but something more intimate to allow the reader to discover this synchronicity in their own life. I also have found journaling to be an essential process of building a deeper connection with my heart and soul, so I wanted to share with you the questions I ask myself.

If you feel called to work through tarot as I do, this spiritual download is here for you.

In love and service.


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