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Theme August: Working Your Magic

I have never felt the pull of the Magician so intensely as I have this month. The card as been coming forward - sometimes leaping out of - every deck I get my hands on. I find this happens in times of self-doubt. Spirit brings the message with great force and persistence - don't our guides have the patience of saints!?!

And as much as I have personally felt a dramatic leap from Cancer Season to Leo Season - more vibrance, confidence, sultry AF attitude - it has also been a really challenging time. Major life changes have shaken me to the core. This theme of the month feels like the gift wrapped up in a major personal identity crisis. You feel that too?

And no wonder - we've had the Super Black New Moon on July 31st, Mercury went direct, the Lion's Gate portal opened up and called us all to CHANGE, EVOLVE, and SHINE BRIGHT. And how terrifying is that? I don't care how much swagger you're rolling with - this is a really hard time! Transformation requires us to be completely dissolved by the unknown so the Magician is here to remind us that - we can do it. Even when it doesn't feel like it.

Between August 1 - 15, any affirmations, rituals, personal magic, will be amplified. That means are negativity will too! If we're running through our fears we are going to be in a state. And just so y'all know, my Celtic cross reading for the month was ALL SWORDS (fears & worry).

All the more reason to employ the Leo-esque strategies of a healthy dose of Ego/Confidence with the I AM statements and a fierce practice of gratitude. Throw on some Lizzo and dance in your underwear. Meditate, sweat, move, cry, rinse, repeat. You'll get through this!

For more in-depth understanding of the energies this month, you can download the New Moon Magic Workbook here or watch the Free August Energies Reading on YouTube here.

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