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Theme for July: Vulnerability

July will be calling all of us to be present and in-tune with the softness of our heart. Moving through the total solar eclipse NEW Moon in Cancer, themes of getting in touch with our tender feelings and inner child will surface.

The Daughter of Cups is the dreamer, the baby mystic, the romantic, the creative. When she comes up as our medicine for the month, we can expect to be shown our shadow side of how we protect our heart and push away our intuitive nudges. We may notice our rigidity or lack of patience. We may be shown our battle with perfectionism or have a full on tantrum, being called to look at our reactions or ways we manipulate or hold others hostage through our emotional outbursts.

Astro Advisor Lena Stevens points out we have 2 eclipses this month, which can intensify our lessons and challenges. She advises to “distance yourself from drama that is not yours and set boundaries against the projections of others.” Remember an eclipse illuminates the shadow. When light & dark exist at once, we making the subconscious conscious. This can be very liberating for some and mega irritation for others!

In our relationships, Lena calls you to “focus on the freedom of choice and the magic and mystery of the unknown instead of the fear of what you may lose.” Again, we look to the Daughter of Cups for our direction. How do we ask for what we need? How to we come from our heart and let go of the need to control so we can feel the new freedom of being supported by life? How do we deal with difficult people who are stuck in their fear responses?

In general, how can we approach ourselves and others with this gentle presence and loving energy? How can we show up for what arises and channel this sweet little swan in our daily life?

Suggested Tarot Spreads

If you want to get a clearer idea of how to harness and evoke these energies into your life, this 3-card spread will give you direction.

The Archetype will guide you into the ideal you are working toward. What is the essence of this card and its spiritual guidance? Card #2 is the practical way that you bring the ideal to earthly manifestation. What is the action, spirit and message of this card? Your Talisman is found within the symbols of Card #3. What are the characters demonstrating? What animal or object is here to show you the way?


Archetype: The Star

Embrace your ethereal nature. The Star is ultimate vulnerability, often depicted as the naked woman under the night sky. Tapping into your sensuality, the wisdom of the body and the divine feminine energies.

How You Manifest: Share your work, build your craft. The 8 of Pentacles is mastering your energies and gathering your resources.


The treasure box. What is your gift that you offer others? What do you keep in your back pocket that you now need to bring into the light? Who is the King of Pentacles for you? This person has your back.

* * *

If you do not work with your own Tarot Decks, I suggest booking the Quick & Dirty reading with me and we can walk through what you're called to embrace together.

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