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Welcome to the Roaring 20's

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I absolutely love this vintage revival to describe our new decade of powerful manifestation, high frequencies and mystical times. Are you feeling it this year or what?

In the middle of the holiday break, I was struck with mega spiritual downloads to create a comprehensive overview of the energies coming forth in 2020. Thus 12 MOONS was born.

Consider a 12-issue Tarotscopes zine with original art based on the Major Arcana, an in-depth description of the influence, with suggested tarot spreads you can do with your own decks and the channeled messages for our unfolding destiny. I know. It's rad. And 100% spirit-directed.

The Major Arcana will be revealed one month at a time with my write up of the spiritual symbolism behind it - how it impacts our finances, love life and mental health. This is not fluffy shit for the faint of heart - which is why I am not offering this for free. If you are drawn to do the work, the messages are for you. Like a reading itself, these are powerful, life-transforming energies that will have us feeling uncomfortable, facing our fears, and calling out our bullshit. Case in point, the first card selected for January means business. It's time to burn a bridge with our past and enter this decade with a clean slate, so let's be sure we're in a position to do just that.

If you're drawn to 12 Moons, the messages are meant for you!

I'll be referencing this booklet throughout the year and producing content with these themes in mind. Now you may be thinking - do collective energy readings really work? YES they REALLY DO! If you follow me on instagram and enjoy the free tarot there, you probably already know this!

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