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Writing Ritual to Welcome in 2022

Words have tremendous power. Over the years of integrating my craft with my spiritual practice, I've come to appreciate journaling as an essential tool for self-reflection. Recording my thoughts, feelings and desires have proven to be the action required to lay strong foundations for necessary change and personal transformation, yet it's often the thing I avoid when life is full of obstacles, chaos or painful emotions. So the last 2 years?

Journaling however, can be so much more than recording "what happened" or indulgent travels through the morass of self pity. I've found a series of thought-provoking questions have been beneficial in activating key memories, promoting more consciousness of my behaviour or beliefs, and evoking true desires, allowing me to separate what I want for myself from what is expected of me.

These questions can be deeply personal and each has helped me to tap into my most authentic self that is free from the trappings of comparison or despair. This reflection helps me root to the spiritual lessons I'm enduring so I can catch up to the reality that there is a a gift of wisdom in every experience.

What Happened in a Year Where Nothing Happened?

My first reflection of what happened for me in 2021 was that I didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything and watched a lot of Netflix. In answering these journal prompts, a richer story emerged.

I realized I've had a tremendous amount of inner healing that is hard to capture or display on social media. At this time of year, we're all bombarded with making outward resolutions and visible gains, yet how do we measure the deeper shifts in ourselves that are happening underneath the skin?

For instance:

  • I've discovered a new sense of connection and belonging with my family, healing deep abandonment wounds. The new children in our circle have been such a gift of pure joy.

  • I've demonstrated a commitment to my well-being by confronting my insatiable urge to use busyness as a badge of honour. I am no longer interested in identifying my worth with productivity.

  • I have let go of friendships that do not align with my core values and deeply grieved the lack of support I've been enduring. This led the way for me to reach out to new people and build stronger bonds with who I am now.

  • I've disengaged with the need to presence or share all aspects of my life on social media and embraced a digital detox that was immensely helpful for my mental health.

  • I've shifted my focus in my career and finances and taken a deep look into dysfunctional pattterns I held around money and my value. I am starting a brand new job this month and welcoming in more abundance.

So in fact, this previous year - a lot happened! How can I possibly measure the value of these things? I trust these questions will also help you get to a deeper story of what is unfolding for you.

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

  • What experience, belief or circumstance (within my control) am I committed to leaving behind and not repeating?

  • What happened in 2021 that I am most grateful for? List all of them.

  • What has been the gift of slowing down or pulling back from the previous pace of life? What areas of my life are getting more attention now?

  • Anyone that I am leaving behind or moving on from, what is the gift of their departure and what have they show me about myself?

  • What have these last 2 years taught me about resilience, patience and priorities?

  • What do I want to add to my life and experience? What do I need to explore, embrace or investigate?

  • What words of power can I embrace - either as an intention, mantra or character to aquire - that brings me excitement?

  • What do I know now about myself that is different or a new discovery that I can foster and integrate more?

  • What is a symbol of power (an object, a place, a character ) that I can envision whenever I'm moving through obstacles? How can I maintain this symbol to remind myself of my true value and direction? Hint: draw it, print it, keep it with you.

  • What area of my life needs my love and attention, to balance all I've been through? Is it play and creativity? Romance? Finanical stability? Physical strength? Spiritual practice?

Take time with these questions and for any residual emotions that come up. Writing is powerful and can be very revealing. Try it and see what happens.

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