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Love Lines Tarotscopes

Love Lines Tarotscopes


The much awaited Love & Romance report is here! Inside this 47 page pdf download are love tarotscopes for each astrological sign, whether you're looking for love or in a relationship. 


All messages here are channelled and cast by the cards. You will also find my personal story about the Twin Flame journey, the archetype of the Rose, Elemental Love readings for Air/Water/Earth/Fire signs and a description of the Court Cards - characters who show up in your readings who are real people in your life!


When I pull cards for you, I ask my guides to help me connect to the twelve soul groups of the zodiac and to see the story as it unfolds. Some things written here may have already happened, some you are preparing for. I trust that if you are here, there is a message meant for you!


Tarotscopes list all the cards included in the reading. Original artwork is from the 12 Moons Tarot designed by me. 

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