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Tarot is the seeker's tool. Rooted in Egyptian mysticism and often misunderstood as "fortune telling," Tarot is actually a mirror that awakens our consciousness and reflects our current experience back to us.

Through the Major and Minor Arcana (arcana meaning mysteries), the cards contain every possible story of a human life. They speak to us of our struggles, our gifts, the characters who influence us and the archetypes we embody.

The soul of the world reaches us through symbols, omens and synchronistic events. If you're reading this, it's likely you are raising your vibration and awakening to this Spirit of the Universe. Perhaps you've begun to realize there is much more going on beneath the surface of things!

"To experience symbols and to be affected by them is one and the same thing. It means to be moved and uplifted in the depths of one's humanity."

 - Dr Ewalt Kliemke

We are the heroes of our own epic saga. Tarot helps us to own our experience and detach from any judgement of our past.  We start to recognize: we are useful, we are here on purpose and we have a great mission to fulfill.

When you sit down for a reading, or pull the cards for yourself, there is no room for self-deception or image management. The cards are relentless messengers of TRUTH and thus a profound opportunity to awaken to the power and beauty of your soul's journey.

Are you ready to begin?

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