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Entering the Realm of Spirit

A desire for everyday magic is an invitation into the realm of spirit, a quest to find tangible evidence for the forces underlying our experience. We can accept this invite out of curiosity or we may find ourselves thrust into the spiritual world out of necessity. Either way, I've discovered a true heart's desire to understand what's out there and a small action, offering or step forward, produces amazing results.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Many years ago, I was wandering around an airport bookstore looking for a good read. I decided to test my intuition skills and purchase something I was drawn to without reading the back cover. I enjoy these little games with myself when I travel alone, but I now realize what I'm actually practicing is receptivity. If I can stay open and quiet my mind for a moment, and allow myself to follow an energetic pull, interesting things happen!

And what happened was I was very drawn to a cover, doubted myself, and kept scanning the other books for nearly an hour. My flight was going to take off, the pressure was on and I didn't feel a lighting bolt of inspiration that I was hoping for. I found myself back at the beginning in front of this sand coloured book that didn't stand out against the hyper-marketed edgy designs in lime green and magenta. I guess this one will do. Like everything in life, a true treasure doesn't always reveal itself with a bang. The holy grail (interpreted by Stephen Spielberg) was simple and modest, but remarkable at the same time. So of course this was one of the most important books I've ever read in my life.

Something was different when I fell into this text, a kind of awakening. This book talks about finding your purpose and treasure through a poetic myth of a boy in the desert. It spoke of synchronicity and God and noticing the signs from the universe. I would read a verse and just pause in awe... holy shit, what is this? My flight attendant gasped when she saw the cover, she had just finished it. "This book finds you when you're ready for it! It's incredible!"

How strange. I played a little game with myself, didn't trust the process and it worked anyway. The words from Paulo Coelho were exactly what I needed to hear and his mysticism within the story made me feel like I had found a kindred spirit in a fellow writer. I needed his words and found his story at such a pivotal time in my life, when I needed a boost to continue pursuing my dream of being a writer. And all I did was close my eyes and whisper "show me," and I unlocked a series of events and connections that unfolded immediately. I have now gifted this book several times. This is but one example of tapping into the power of my heart as a magnet for what I need.

There will be much more to share on this topic, but I suppose for many reasons I needed answers. I needed to know that I am here on purpose, for a purpose. I needed to know there were real threads of connection, secrets to unlock, treasures to find. I also had to make a choice. Was there a spirit in all things - was I being guided? Did I have the capacity to tap into the Source? One little test at a time, the answer came to me loud and clear. Yes. Yes. Yes!

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