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The Lion's Gate Portal: the Ultimate Confidence Boost

This week's astrological events of the Lion's Gate Portal and a New Moon in Leo are fostering energies that support new beginnings and new relationships with ourselves.

With the Magician as our tarot of the Month for August 2021, personal power is a major theme coming up for all of us and one of the power principles on my mind right now is confidence.

Many of us have had our confidence shaken the last two years. I personally have travelled so far out of my comfort zone and dived into healing in ways that have really changed me and part of that stripped down way of life creates a complete loss of identity. This is a good thing - though it feels absolutely terrifying when we're in it. I've also been delving deeper into the experience of Divine Feminine Power, which means discarding those traditional forms of success and influence that are rooted in self-will, external ambition, the drive of pushing, grasping, forcing. It's exhausting and many of us are getting out of this loop of trying so hard. It's not worth feeling deeply disconnected from ourselves.

We see fake confidence pretty easily don't we? We see the image management and call for attention. Often this will energetically repulse us, even if we can't quite articulate how we know this person is false. We just don't believe them and we ain't buying what they're selling! I believe the same is true when we are pushing ourselves to live outside of authenticity, we manifest shit in our lives because the universe itself is like, nah girl. Talk to me when you get real.

The Star: spiritual connection, confidence, Sirian energy.

At its core definition, confidence is a feeling and belief in our personal power. Other things that come to mind is having trust, an actionable reliance on our connection to an infinite source. It is the certainty of truth and a deep appreciation of one's abilities when we are stripped bare, naked and vulnerable in our true self.

What would I be doing if I had a deep trust in the universe and certainty of my own abilities?

I've been wearing my leopard printed onesie lately and gathering all of my "woman is a danger cat" vibes ever since a profound soul-journey durning the Lion's Gate Portal this month. Through meditation I've been connecting to my intuition in a richer, deeper way and feeling grateful for the expansion of my sense of self that required a lot of solitude and revaluation. We've all been enduring a bizarre personal retreat and now it's time to come out of the chrysalis and reemerge. If you're feeling this too - I strongly suggest harnessing the current energies coming through us right now. We're here to let go of what no longer serves us and be more of who we came here to be. Read more below on the Lion's Gate and get ready to be unleashed!

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

The Lion's Gate Portal is an energetic opportunity to amplify our spiritual connection, activate more power and confidence, and to receive profound messages about our divine purpose.

From approximately July 28 and August 12, the star Sirius moves closer to the earth aligns with the constellation Orion. This star has long been considered our "spiritual sun" as it is the brightest star in the night sky, has a luminosity 25 times greater than our sun is believed to be about 300 million years old.

At this time, the Sun is also in Leo, a sign that represents boldness, talent and courage. When we are influenced by these energies, we're called to bring forth more of this from within ourselves. Life is supporting us to embrace these qualities. How can you shift your internal and physical world to reinforce your readiness for more of your magic?

How to harness the Energy of the Lion's Gate Portal

What do the Sages suggest we do at this time? MEDITATE! Spend time in nature. Face the sun. Slow down and receive. This time is an excellent time to make contact with your guides or higher dimensional energy to amplify your spells, rituals and set intentions for your deepest desires. If you're called to write, paint, dance or sing, do it!

You have a greater capacity now to receive miraculous healings, increase your psychic powers and be filled with a renewed feeling of vitality. You are capable of more when you can feel yourself and connect deeply to your purpose. I have always found the Lion's Gate Portal has created profound shifts in my life when I've been open to be a vessel for Sirian light.

Here are some further tips to harness this energy:

  • Clear Your Vessel. Eat clean, hydrate, stay drug and alcohol free to keep the signal clear.

  • Make space for the Sacred. Activate your crystal grids and spiritual tools. Work with crystals that pertain to the second and third chakras such as carnelian, citrine, pipestone, tiger's eye, sunstone, or pyrite.

  • Dance naked to your power playlist. Movement shakes off the old energy to make way for the new.

  • Meditate or Journey with Shamanic Drumming. Repetitive natural sounds can ground us and help us to transition into meditative trance. I suggest looking for this on YouTube and see what you're drawn to. There are many excellent guided mediations too.

  • Embrace your inner Me-Ow. Find symbols of lions or wear animal print for inspiration.

Are you experiencing a profound shift right now? Any ah-ha moments or deep revelations? Any questions? Leave me a comment below and let me know how this is showing up for you now.

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