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The Tools of Everyday Magic

If you're wondering how to start your spiritual practice and what items you can bring in for your morning rituals, here are a few simple things that help me be in a receptive mode so I can access higher guidance as a tarot reader, creative writer, and happy human.

Match Sticks & Candles

I require boxes of long stem matches all over my house. Fire is a powerful active agent of stimulating the physical world. Consider this as a way to begin claiming your space and setting your intention to bring in higher guidance. I find the physical body is delighted with the sound and scent of matches, which is why I use them over other sparking agents.

I often begin tarot readings with this practice, asking for my guides to be with me, for my mind and heart to be clear and to be shown what I need to see. I open myself to be a channel after I have stated that I am seeking guidance for my highest good. Perhaps a prayer:


please guide me towards my highest good and clear understanding,

help me be of service and light the way for others,

be with me in this sacred space,

surrounded by love and protection,

so it is.

Speaking from your heart with pure intention is more powerful than reciting other people's words, but do speak your spells out loud and be in humble alignment as a vessel for truth.


If you are unable to feel the tangible vibration of these beautiful gems, be patient and keep working with them until you do. I have powerful master crystals in amethyst and quartz, but I would suggest using any crystals that speak to you and delight your heart.

I've had profound experiences of finding my lost crystals by asking for their location. I was told they want to be with us and I've found this to be true. Crystals will help cleanse, ground and amplify our energies. I keep my babies close to me when I'm traveling worlds or tapping into creative energies through writing.

There are multiple benefits to crystal pendulums and grids, but I find the perfect place to start is just to acquire a crystal, hold it, bring it with you, keep it close. They are very helpful to keep on your desk for your creative activities, but they do love to be touched and charged and work with your physical body. Give them a cuddle, shove them into your bra (no it's not weird, many of us do this!) or keep them in your non-dominant while writing or pulling cards.

Paper & Pen

Keep it old school. Paper and pen, the action of physically writing from heart to arm to hand, is profoundly different than typing. With all my projects, I longhand brain dump on the page, or I converse with my soul and ask questions of my guides. Typing is too technical and leads to editing or censorship.

Being a writer, I'm biased about the craft and profound magic of journaling, but I should also note that I'm messy, I can't spell most words I speak, and my hand doesn't move fast enough for my brain, but still... I do, because there is an alchemical transformative process in writing. There is a power in declaring truth, writing lists of our desires, giving the heart a voice and the mind an outlet. I could go on forever with amazing stories of how writing and journaling has changed - and saved - my life, but for now, just do it.

Keep a journal, write in it as regularly as you can (daily is best, but just start) and stick with it. You don't have to be a writer or publish it or show it to anyone. You are the only one who needs to see what's going on within you.

Vibrational Music

I am a music enthusiast and have experienced the profound tranquility and healing properties of frequencies, particularly those attuned to 432Hz or 528Hz. You can access a lot of these sound healing mediations for free on YouTube, just be sure to give the channel a like, comment or subscribe if it moved you.

Use these in your meditations or put the music on while painting, journaling or pulling cards for divination. This helps stimulate another part of our senses and our brains. It helps us set the tone (ha, sorry I love puns) for the day or pull us back and reset when we need it. There's so much interesting science behind these frequencies and the impact on our physical bodies, again I'm just keeping it simple as a suggestion for you to try. Do your own research and experience it for yourself!

Have anything you'd like to suggest that works for you? Comment below and share what tools you are bringing into your daily spiritual practice.

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Ashlee Pearce
Ashlee Pearce
Mar 05, 2021

Good to know that it's not weird to put your crystals in your bra to keep them close. I'm new to this so thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward to all your other nuggets of wisdom.

Lindsey McNeill
Lindsey McNeill
Mar 07, 2021
Replying to

It's not weird at all! A little harder now as I've become a braless wonder hahah, but yes, keep them close to your heart!

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