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Aries Season

A force of nature, Aries rises from the fire of independence, action and will. Those born with Sun + Rising love sharing their courage and talents with others. This cardinal sign is a natural leader, inspiring those to recognize their power and to question the status quo. ⁠

Wanting to be recognized as their own person, Aries can at times resist cooperation and act in ways that create disruption in their personal relationships. However, their exuberance and child-like playfulness can charm any ruffled feathers. Awareness of their impact on others can help elevate the consciousness and true connection for these fiery rams. ⁠

A moon in Aries can speak to many past lives on the battle ground, making personal survival a strong theme in this incarnation. A feeling of having to fight for their needs, or their space, instead of just asking for it. There's a tendency to underplay physical strength or disguise personal power to not be threatening or "attacked" by others. ⁠

For the influence upon all of us, this is a call for independence and a call to claim space, define clear boundaries and be direct about what we expect from others. It's also an excellent push for entrepreneurs and business owners to be innovative and take the lead in how to respond to our current circumstances. Where can we strike out on our own, while also considering our common welfare? How do we use this time for personal development and reconsider our life trajectories? How can we add some spark of innovation, creativity and playfulness to our experience? Aries leads the way. ⁠

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