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New Moon in Virgo

August 30 marks the second Super New Moon out of three that are hitting us with massive changes, relocations and shifts due to new clarity and Virgo's get shit done dynamic that will be influencing us in the realm of the body, the home and our personal relationships.

The energies that came forward for the New Moon Magic are profoundly personal, calling us to heal our issues around intimacy, the emotional wounds and fear that show up as perfectionism, and how we feel in our skin. Emotional and dietary detoxing is absolutely necessary.

We are being prepared for a new way of being and this month is going to be challenging for many of us. We will be called to release all draining attachments - that relationship that's become comfortable, the job that doesn't feed your soul, the substances you fill yourself with, how you make the intolerable situations of your life more manageable, palatable and pretty from the outside.

Virgo and the energy behind this new moon will also call into healing our collective and personal traumas, so make extra space to slow down and rejuvenate as things may feel heavy. What I'm hearing is that many of us will be going through massive changes, but not all will be revealed just yet. We are going to have to find ways to hold strong through a lot of unknown and discomfort. How can you make your self-care a priority this month and confront this new vulnerability you are being called into?

Our relationships with each other and with self are taking the spotlight. Given this month's reading, many of you have walked away from a relationship that wasn't serving you and you're preparing for a new connection that seems to come in swift - perhaps it's already here for some. Get right with yourself and trust that you are a different person, and so is the human in front of you. Give it a go and get ready for a beautiful transformation.

For those who wish to harness the energies and have insight on just what is showing up over the next few weeks, you can purchase the collective reading in the New Moon Magic pdf ($8.88), which includes the astro report, 9-card tarot spread, divine feminine oracle and spirit affirmations pertaining to the current energies. Get your copy here.

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