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Tarot of the Month: June 2021

At first, the Devil showing up for June surprised me, for this was the energy that kicked off 2020 and oh boy, was that foreshadowing! Now, this major arcana returns and makes its appearance during a Super Blood Moon Eclipse into Mercury Retrograde. Oh hells yes this makes all the sense in the world.

This also follows the Major Arcana of the Moon in tarot, which means projections, shadow work and illusion has surfaced. Likely you've been experiencing more fear and an increase in the frequency of conflict and division. The Moon can bring about a lot of black and white thinking. Now, we go from a dance in the dark to getting a bit lost and out of balance. The Devil card can signal succumbing to addiction, temptation and deception. It can also speak to the ways that we hold ourselves back, believing we are broken, weak or a victim of circumstance. This card signals that we have forgotten who we truly are.

If you find "The Devil" particularly triggering, frightful or distressing, please use any of these following terms to understand our future forecast for the month of June:

- Breaking the Pattern

- Releasing Toxic Beliefs

- Liberation from Illusion

- Freedom from the Bondage of Self

This is a perfect time to do a personal inventory, dive into reflective writing or to get professional help and support for any troubles that you are experiencing. The primary energies of personal growth for all of us this month will paint a clearer picture of those rites of passage through the desert.

Reclaiming Your Power

There is something awakening in you, but it needs room to breathe and to grow. A project, a dream, a child, all of these tender new seeds cannot withstand the world that you live in without you being fully present and in your power. This month you will reminded or shown where you have given your power away.

The pentacle is the 5-pointed star, a symbol of the material world or mankind. In reverse, as this is shown in The Devil, is a symbol of misalignment of your energy. It is the oppression we experience when we don't live in truth and act as though we don't have choices. What are the false beliefs that you have that keep the abundant universe coming up short? Is it the lack of financial security? The lack of love, connection or support? The lack of creative fulfillment?

This month will encourage you to travel the greatest distance a human can make, from the head down into the heart. When you live in alignment with spiritual truths, the laws of the universe, the miracles that are possible, the illusion of separation loses its false hold over you. You wake from the dream realizing that you had the power all along.

Healing Healing from Family Wounds

The 3 of Swords and 3 of Pentacles speaks to me about a deep wounding from the family of origin or around a tumultuous experience in your community or work place, perhaps all of the above. There is grief and sorrow in the past that will be coming forward during this Mercury Retrograde (May 29 to June 22), which will likely be projected onto your current circumstances. Do you find yourself occupying a similar role in work or social relationships as you did in your family? What stories about yourself are being replayed?

It may also be revealed that this pain, hurt or rejection is the thing that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of connection and safety in groups. It's possible that what happened to you created a need for swords - a need to live in your head, to be sharp or cold, so you could create a protective barrier and not be hurt again. Remember anything that surfaces at this time is rising for reflection and release. You cannot survive the poison without knowing it's within you. You cannot overcome the demon without knowing its name.

Releasing Worries and Uncertainty

You are in much need deep rest and time for reflection. The combination of the 4 and 9 of swords paints a picture of someone who runs themselves into the ground, who drains their energy to the point of depletion because they cannot stand the thoughts and feelings that come up when they stand still.

Fear of the future, rumination, obsessions, negative self talk, perfectionism, all of this is born from the mind. An overactive critic within can produce a need to disassociate from yourself. This inner turmoil makes the Devil a card of addiction, for this constant anxiety and distress can quickly have us reaching outside of ourselves for ease and comfort. We must take special care this month to create space for healing and to cultivate support that will increase our sense of safety and good mental health.

For those who have heard the phrase "relieve me from the bondage of self," know that the culprit here is the mind. It is likely your perception will be skewed, so overriding the negative thoughts with what is real, what is here and now, what is possible, will help you greatly. Cultivate gratitude with a daily practice. Prayer, meditation, counselling, support groups, and walks in nature will help you tune out the static and noise.

Consider The Lovers in tarot, a card within the rider-waite-smith deck that is very much the opposite of the Devil. Here we have some clues to the best path forward. See how an angel blesses them from above. The people here are free and without shame. The deep meaning of this card is "Choices," the ability to choose the right path for yourself, to be in alignment and reality. The Devil card illuminates our false perception that we are without power and that something bigger than ourselves is the cause of our misery. When we choose to live in Love, we are radically responsible for our life and our ability to change it.

This is our collective path that we will walk this month. So rest, find support, and cultivate the miraculous seed within you that needs your attention. Be sure to second guess all things that seem absolute, hopeless and terrible. Contemplate instead what is possible for you in God's world, and if that is a foreign concept for you altogether, just ask "show me."

* * *

Thank you for reading the monthly forecast. I appreciate all the wonderful humans who find my channelled messages here.

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